Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little H's

Christmas is coming and the kids are starting to get excited about Santa. We are starting to think that we need to get on the ball and order stuff because the APO mail can be iffy at this time of year!

Honor was sitting next to me yesterday morning, so I handed her the J.C. Penney catalog to look at. I asked her what she thought Santa might bring her. Oh, her eyes lit up! She wanted to make a list, but as she is only 4 and not reading/writing very clearly yet, I handed her a pen, and told her to just write her name in the catalog next to the things she liked. I pointed out some things that were too big for our living space (like a huge kitchen/laundry play center), or some other things that we just cannot use (like a bicycle :-( - we have no safe place to ride!).. and she listened very well, and asked questions about items she was not sure about.

I also went through the catalog with Brian and we discussed some of his wants, but he was not as interested in writing things down. We had a good long talk though.

After the kids went to bed last night, I went back and looked through the catalog... all those little 'Honor's, 'H's, and wobbley circles were soooo adorable!! I'm going to have to keep a few pages of this catalog for a keepsake!

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