Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope you had a lovely day of love with your sweeties.

Brad and I gave the kids some chocolates, and they gave us pretty hand-made valentine cards.


We didn’t think that cats  would even want valentine goods, but we were wrong. Ninja decided to paw through the cards that Honor got from her classmates, to see if anything had her name on it.


She found one that she liked and ran off with her treasure.


Honor eventually got her card and candy back, but Ninja kept the green pipe cleaner that decorated her paper flower.


Becky said...

Your cats sure have a thing with pipe cleaners! Glad you had a good Valentine's Day!

Christine said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

bettyl said...

Cats are so fun when you don't expect it!

Connie said...

Becky - the cats are INSANE about pipe cleaners ;) Hope you had a good Valentine's Day too.

Christine - Happy Valentines day to you and the whole family :)

Betty - Ninja loves Honor's stuff, but it was still surprising to see how determined she was to dig through the envelope of cards and candy to see what she could find! Happy Valentine's Day!

levian said...

its valentine for everyone! i love your cat, its fur looks so inviting, n its pattern was hardly found here!

Connie said...

Hi levian - Happy Valentines Day! We have ginger cats all over here, but Ninja is different. Her pattern is striking. We think we lucked into 3 very pretty kitties :)