Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cat Storage Device #3

I’m guessing #1 would be boxes, #2 is closets…

Ninja demonstrates the #3 style cat storage system, aka laundry hamper. Manual operation (human opens lid) or automatic (cat opens lid, contains self, closes lid) utility. Added functionality of providing comfort and relaxation for any feline occupant… the feelings of those who might open the containment device, surprising the cat inside, are less calm.


Cat toys not included, but usually added by occupant.


Nomads By Nature said...

Too funny!

Lirena Chen said...

Hey, I have the exact same hamper and two orange cats. I hide my hamper in the closet and religiously keep the door closed...they still make their ways inside every now and then. heh.

Connie said...

We got the hampers in a set of three. We got the cats (sibs) in a set of three. Only two cats regularly get in the hampers, but you never know which cat will be in which hamper or when. Makes laundry more interesting for all involved ;)

Lirena Chen said...

Hi Connie, thank you for visiting my site! I hope I didn't sound too depressing. I started a new job in rural northwestern Minnesota last fall from upstate New York. This winter had been especially difficult but I'm staying optimistic for the spring to arrive (and to gather enough work experience here to move to somewhere warmer!).

Corinna said...

Hi Connie,

I see you have cats and they look very well loved. Question.... did you travel with them yourself or have them shipped? What would you recommend?

This is our first time, and I have two kids, one on the way, and two kitties. We have a very long trip ahead of us,.... from the states to Dhaka Bangladesh. I am so torn on how to get them to our new home.

Connie said...

Hi Lirena - thanks for visiting my blog too! :) I did get the impression you were ready for Spring, ready for change, but I thought your post was optimistic and positive about looking to the future. That's an awesome attitude!! I can understand wishing for a move to some place warmer, but in the meantime, I look forward to seeing more of your photos, even if they're in snow. (so pretty!)

Connie said...

Corinna - we haven't traveled with these cats. We found them in our Amman garden about 18 months ago. We only wanted two cats, but ended up keeping the set of three siblings! Our thought was one adult per cat cage, but as our 10yr pointed out, he's now big enough to help carry suitcases!
We traveled internationally with our previous cats, on our own, and eventually with our young kids. A few times we traveled with them in the hold of the plane, not on board with us, and a couple times we had a pet delivery service board them until we arrived at our destination, then send them to us once we got to our new home.
Traveling with cats - the pros are, you know where they are at all times, you know how they're being handled. It's cheaper. It's instantaneous. You arrive, they arrive. Our cats always arrived healthy and not too stressed. Happy to be back with us. We NEVER medicated them.

The cons - you may not know where they are at all times as you have no contact once they're checked in. Ours have 95% of the time been handled very well. (one cat in carrier was sent down the baggage carousel in Atlanta, he was fine, but highly annoyed - you want to talk about pissing off a whole baggage area CROWD of witnesses though... ). You have to hope that you (or your sponsor) has been able to obtain all that you need for your arrival, before you arrive, such as cat litter, food, etc. You must have BIGGER transportation to and from the airport... kids, cats, luggage, carry-ons, car seats... (use the mail for your goods! Mail some stuff to yourself rather than carry 18 suitcases!)

Using a service - I much prefer this!
pros - Drop the pets off at a boarding kennel with an estimated delivery time and whatever paperwork they require (the ones I've found that also provide airport service tend to be verrry nice kennels, our cats would be groomed and apparently spoiled rotten). The service usually includes any vet appointments or other paperwork needed for your pet's travel. Get yourself and family to the airport, to your destination, into your home. Go shopping for pet gear. Call the pet service and let them know that all is well.. they ship your pet to your destination. If you are arriving at post, there may be an expeditor from the embassy to assist your arrival, your luggage arrival, and even your pet's arrival (as pets are considered part of your 'luggage'). Your pets arrive to your new home.
Cons - it make take a bit longer until you see your pets again. You have more time to worry about them. It's EXPENSIVE!!

That saying, here are more pros to using a service. They are professionals. They do this all the time. They know how to handle all the paperwork much better than anyone else. They can work around the 'only 2-3 pets per plane' issue easier than a family in transit can. Taxes - keep all of your receipts. Moving your pet, as far as the IRS is concerned, is the same thing as moving your sofa. If you are not reimbursed, you can claim the expenses as a cost of moving your household. You're definitely going beyond the 50 mile mileage limit required!! I strongly suggest checking the tax regs each and every time you move, because of course, things change, here's a website

I'll check online and see if I can find the services we used previously. There were a number of 'pet taxi's in the phone book. We haven't used them in a long time though. We last moved cats to Cairo in '04. Unfortunately, our elderly pets both died before our PCS in spring '09 :(

Connie said...

Corinna - We used Dulles Pet Executive Center once, but their website does not say anything about shipping pets now? You can always talk to them and ask what they recommend.

We also used the Olney Sandy Spring Vet clinic (MD) to board and ship our cats to us. They do not say anywhere on their site that they provide this service, but they have a whole page dedicated to traveling with pets, and link to a couple of services, including this one:, which loos very professional.

ah well... ask around about the services. Even your vet may have some advice, our (very good) vet here in Amman offers a 'pet port' travel service, but I know nothing about it in detail. When we were planning our move back to the US with our elderly cats, we were contemplating having the cats collected by a pet service and delivered to a good kennel... for their safety. They were elderly and we thought it best they had a gentle arrival... not get banged around in a rental van with our luggage, locked in their crates in a crappy hotel room, etc. until we managed to get settled.... which brings up another 'con' about traveling with pets. Just because you call ahead and reserve a hotel room that accepts pets... doesn't mean you'll actually have that room when you arrive. :P

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