Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Break and more

We broke for Spring Break, and I’ve been stuck in the relax and do nothing gear. It’s a good thing. We have been doing bloggable things, I simply haven’t blogged about it.

To catch up a little,

At the end of March, Brian and his grade participated in an international virtual science fair. The project is talked about here, at the NESA website, if you’d like to check it out. His team worked hard on their research, paperwork, online reports, and poster:


They also did an amazing job on their verbal presentation the day of the fair. All teams gathered in the library and were interviewed and judged. I was impressed by how well all of the kids did! The hard work paid off for Brian’s team. They made the top 4, finalists, in the local judging, and their project is going on to compete in the international competition. Go Team 6!!



Honor had her 8th birthday during spring break! She had 3 of her closest friends over for a party and sleepover. It was a perfect group and the girls were great together. They watched movies, played with the art supplies, played with toys, and eventually, Brian called them outside for a little surprise…


4 little baskets with notes…. orphaned kittens! (plush, not real!), each a different color, each with its own mattress, sheet, pillow and crocheted blanket. I’m sure you can imagine the ‘Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!’ chorus! For the rest of the night the girls included their kittens in their play and sleepover.


Dinner was pizza, and I turned the kids loose with the decorations for the cake and cupcakes and they had a blast. Eating the cakes with homemade ice cream was fun too! 

DSC09432 DSC09437


Honor opened her gifts with her friends, then they watched another movie or two and settled down for bed.. with kittens.


Grandma and Grandpa also sent a box of goodies for Honor and Ninja to open. Technically the gifts were for Honor, but Ninja really liked them too. Honor was ill the day the box arrived and was bundled up on the sofa, but she enjoyed opening her box!


Ninja had fun too.


The end of our spring break was marred by cooties. There was a stomach bug going around and each of us had a turn with it. Fortunately it was a 24-48hr bug. Honor ended up missing a few days of school, but we got through it. We’re getting back into the swing of things. Even got the taxes filed… amazing. I even managed to teach the kids a couple of very important life lessons – how to make coffee!

DSC09396  and how to properly package a cat:


(ok, technically, the cat packaged herself… )

Spring has sprung here and I’ve got some flower photos to post, and we joined some friends for paintball this past weekend and I’ll share that too…. Later :)


Christine said...

Happy Birthday Honor! What a fun birthday you put on Connie!

Daniela Swider said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick but loved the pictures. You must be one proud Momma!

Melanie Prest said...

Love the pics & video. I love the kitten idea for Honor and her friends. I'm guessing Brian loved being able to call the girls out and share that moment. He looked proud from his view from the scooter, as he should be. :) Looks like fun was had by all! Happy belated birthday to Honor!!

Connie said...

I've passed on the birthday wishes to Honor, and yes! I am a proud mama :D ! Brian was pleased with his part in setting up the kittens and calling the girls out. (I had a better photo with his face in it, but it also showed off the girls' faces and I was trying to keep other kids anon here) It was fun!

Jill said...

Wow - you HAVE been busy! Happy belated b-day to Honor from all of us! Loved the photos from her party - the kittens from Brian were oh so adorable!

Congrats to Brian on an awesome science fair. His projects rocks!

And so sorry y'all had the stomach bug. No fun ... at all!

Glad to see you around here again!

Sadie said...

sounds like a wonderful spring break (minus the germs)! I love the kitten idea for a sleepover - have to remember that one down the line!