Friday, September 23, 2011

Dressing up and Feeling down

I ordered this little dress, a casual summery thing, because it looked light and comfy, and I liked the cheery colors. As soon as it arrived and I unwrapped it, Honor ran off with it and was the first to wear it. She liked the colors, that she could spin around in it, and how it flowed when she played in it!



Eventually I got it back. We dressed up last weekend to go to a little gathering at our neighbor’s house. Her new baby grandson was being blessed and we were invited, along with all of the ladies from her church and family, to attend.


It was nice to be included for such a special event, and we were going to stay  for breakfast after the blessing, but during the service, Brian, who had been fine earlier, as well as the day/week prior(!), turned to me and said that his throat hurt. He had become fevery hot too. So we excused ourselves (it was a huge crowd, so I didn’t feel too bad about leaving) and took him home. Fortunately we had never come close to the baby! We’d been off in our own little corner of the crowded room.

His sore throat turned into a really bad bout of bronchitis and asthma :( Poor kiddo. We may have caught it and kicked it sooner, but at first the doctors thought it was viral (but not strep though) as there was no congestion the first two days. That kicked in the 2nd night, so we finally got him on antibiotics the 3rd day. He missed an entire week of school, including a much anticipated field trip on Thursday to the Dead Sea. Poor guy.

We also had to drag Brian around town to see specialists, as during a chest xray to rule out pneumonia, (he had a very nasty cough and asthma symptoms), it was discovered that his heart is not where we thought it was! After seeing a cardiologist to rule out problems – it was determined that he has what looks to be a simple dextroposition of the heart. We could relax and just treat the illness he was dealing with.

At least he enjoyed hanging out and playing video games all week. His dad gave him the 4th Elder Scrolls PC game to play, Oblivion ( and he’s loving it. He also did a ton of reading, so that part of his homework from the missed week of school is covered! He finished the novel Saucer, by Stephen Coonts, which was not a typical Coonts novel, it was more young adult than adult, and it read like a fast paced sci-fi action movie. Brian really enjoyed it.

He’s feeling better this weekend fortunately, although unfortunately, he now has to put the game away and get some homework done. He was feeling a bit better toward the end of the week and we went in and got some of his make-up school work so he won’t start next week too far behind. He was also feeling good enough Thursday to have his appetite back, and decided that because he’d missed out on his awesome field trip, he should get to decide dinner. He chose Chinese/Thai delivery, plus homemade brownies (cake brownies) and homemade vanilla ice cream. I thought that was an awesome choice! I didn’t have to cook dinner, nor did I have to cook dessert! Brian made the ice cream, and Honor made the brownies!!


Unfortunately, today I’m the one who is sniffling and sneezing and feeling ill… bleargh… guess that’s what I get for hanging out with a sick kiddo all week. That’s ok though… he’s definitely worth it!!


Becky said...

I am glad he's feeling better! What a week. Bummer that you are ill now though.

Nomads By Nature said...

What a week! Hope everybody is feeling better now!

Connie said...

Fortunately, both kids are feeling great and are back in school now. I'm thinking I may need antibiotics...

bettyl said...

Sharing those bugs are the price of being around great kids! Glad he's better and hope you are, too, soon.

Becky said...

I hope the meds help and that you are up and going well again soon. Thinking of you.