Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween! (aka… Wow, it really is Autumn, isn’t it??!)

We aren’t having any snow like many folks back in the US, and the temps have been pleasant and mild, but we are definitely feeling the change in season here. There’s a nip in the air that tells us that summer has definitely packed up and left us for awhile. It is rather nice to be able to snuggle in fleece jackets and comfy blankets again. Especially when reading… there’s something nice about burrowing into a cozy blanket with a couple of cat friends and a good book.


Contentment is… snuggly cats!




And no, I can’t believe it is Autumn already, but Fall has definitely fallen, because, surprise, here it is the end of October. How’d that happen? Brad was away for a couple weeks TDY, and we managed to decorate the house while he was gone. We used some of our old costumes on toys to get into the spirit of things.

DSC01587  For their school celebration (before Halloween) Honor chose to wear her leopard costume again. She’s definitely got a lot of use out of it! Brian wanted to be a wraith, or grim reaper. We discussed making a costume, but material is so expensive, esp. compared to the price of simply buying the ready made costume, so we found this one for him at buycostumes.com. We’ve found this online store to be very fast and reliable for costumes and accessories. We couldn’t find a kid or teen costume that he liked so we got this one in adult size (had to belt the waist), so it’s a useful addition to our costume/Halloween stash for future use!




Hiissss … pffft!!


Did I mention how it’s getting chilly and we’re enjoying the chance to snuggle in blankets with cats?DSC01592

Honor has been playing with the camera a lot. I’m finding some odd photos on my camera. Here, she was trying to take a picture of the decorations, but she ended up liking how the flash turned into a ‘magic ball’ instead!


Self-portrait :)  (pretty good job too) … it took us awhile to convince her to wash off the cat whiskers.


For the embassy Halloween celebration, Brian wore his Reaper costume again and got a lot of attention from the guards… he’s on a number of cell phones now… and Honor decided to be a character from her favorite movie, Avatar. Nevermind that some people didn’t know who she was … she was *not* a blue tiger ;D !!




Deathly bunny ears


We had a fun time with the trick-or-treat haunted houses … the embassy really does go all out on this event! Thank you volunteers!! :) … and we even went trunk-or-treating as a number of decorated cars were set up in the parking lot for kids to visit. Afterwards, we had dinner in the club (very crowded, I might add, but it was a big success!) and ended our evening with a pasta dinner!


Hope you all had as much fun as we did!


Daniela Swider said...

I love the Avatar costume! We may be candidates for something like that next year. And the Grim Reaper was pretty scary too! Happy Halloween!

Heather Dray said...

You have the most photogenic cats ever! Love the Halloween photos, too!

Connie said...

Heather - it's because they get so much practice... I find it difficult to take photos in this house WITHOUT cats in them ;D

designfirm said...

Lovely pics.