Friday, March 2, 2012

Snow Day – AGAIN!

So, although it started to rain a bit, rather than snow, yesterday afternoon which warmed things up a bit and thawed out some of our slush, it got cold again last night and has resumed the snow today. Actually, around 3am last night we had a wonderful thunderstorm too. This morning and afternoon there’s been hail and snow. We’re getting an amazing amount of moisture… and that’s always good for Jordan!

Last night, our back yard looked like this:


Full of water with ice floating. It is, no exaggerating, about 4” deep at the far end, if not more. A little more and we can stock this pond and go fishing!


This morning, it’s a bit deeper, but covered in white. This is even after we had rain to melt a bit of the layer on top!


Honor checks to see if we can ice skate yet… nope… not frozen, just really really cold!


Hey? Where’d she go??


I love how pretty the snow makes everything, and it’s really coming down today! We’re even having a bit of thunder-snow :)  and although this video shows a lot of snow coming down, we’ve actually had much heavier falls throughout the day. It’s nearly white out there right now as I write this.


DSC02442 DSC02443 DSC02453 Of course, snow must be played in!



Honor’s kitty.


Oh, and do you like our snow clothes?? Pj’s, robes and crocs! ;D Perfect for playing outside a bit, then coming back in to cuddle on the couch by the radiator and warm up (“George of the Jungle” is the video of the moment).



Of course, not everyone is enjoying this snowy fun. It makes Ninja very unhappy to have the kids on the WRONG side of the window. 

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Mercedes said...

Those pictures are so cute!