Thursday, June 21, 2012

Heading Back to Amman

I suppose, that driving back home is less exciting that driving to a resort, but I would be a poor hostess if I did not see that you made the return trip properly.. although, if I were to virtually strand you somewhere, the resort at the Dead Sea wouldn’t be too cruel. Anyway…

Heading back last Saturday took place on another very HOT day. Jordan had about a week long heat wave and the weekend was right in the middle of it. Today, Thursday, we’ve barely made it up to 81F by noon, but on Saturday, it was triple digits. People, and animals, were taking advantage of shade where ever they could find it.


We passed a mosque on a hill.


And a small village of tents.


More critters, goats, and their shepherds, trying to beat the heat.


Dry, arid rock and sand… with a lovely green tree…


The kids looked over this valley and claimed that it looked like it belonged in a video game. I rather wish it hadn’t been so hazy so you could see how vast it looks in real life!


Melons… YUM!


Weighting station? Ah… close enough…


Watch out for houses and football games.


Small town traffic jam ahead…


More shops with floaties!!


Seriously, we loved the bright floaties!


A colorful truck


How hot was it?? Enough to make a little kid go right to sleep!

Ready the Foton Torpedoes Mr. Sulu! (sorry… geek moment… )


I believe that I have mentioned before, we must have flag photos when driving around here. I love the flags.


Getting closer to the city, there are more roadside vegetable vendors.



And a Harley Shop


This next photo is to show that, even way off down south yet, you can (start to) see a major Amman landmark. About 2/3rds across the photo (left to right) there is a skyscraper on the horizon… it’s actually two tall towers with cranes on top. They’re at 6th Circle Zahran, and you can see them from pretty much anywhere. If you know where you need to go in relation to 6th circle, look for these big blue towers!



Amman is GROWING. New construction everywhere. Here are a bunch of new buildings going up… and down below, a village of tents.



Need some clay pots?


Gas Station with newly increased prices listed. (That’s price per liter/JD – a bit less than $6 a gallon for premium, about $4 a gallon for regular unleaded)


Getting closer to town. The blue towers can now be seen behind the first light post here. Some drivers use modern navigation techniques…like GPS…  I do things the old fashioned way and use landmarks, a compass, and following taxis that look like they know where they’re going…


More flags!


And a couple views of Zahran, a main street through Amman, and a much better glimpse of the two towers.


Notice that the traffic signs are very clear in Arabic and in English. It really helps with navigating!


Ok… so driving through town is not quite as fun as going to the beach, but the tour wouldn’t have been complete without some Amman area sightseeing too!

And of course… a shot of Brian looking cool in shades… under his regular glasses, so I guess ‘acting silly’ is a better description, but he’s still looking cool in my book.



Emily said...

Thank you for bringing us virtually full circle. It was a fun trip, and I loved all the pictures!

Connie said...

Glad you liked it Emily :) We had a nice family get away!

Donna said...

Thanks for doing the conversion so I finally know how much I'm paying for a gallon of gas. I've often wondered, but I'm too lazy to do the math. Then again, maybe it was better not to know...

Connie said...

I sometimes tease my husband for being a computer, put numbers in and he has to give an answer. I have to admit being somewhat the same... I'm just slower, but I eventually HAD to do the conversion.