Thursday, November 8, 2012

Teaching Cats New Scams.. I mean… Tricks

Dogs do a lot of wonderful things, and they are easier to train no doubt, but cats are very clever. Very clever really. Ours fetch, and will stand up on their hind legs for pets and praise. Pixie opens drawers to look for paintbrushes. I’m hoping to eventually train them to use the toilet (seriously, I have ordered a litter kwitter) we’ll see how that goes. So, what other tricks might a cat learn? Leave it to Honor to come up with something creative, so, I’m not too shocked that she decided to teach her cats to be con artists.

First she gave a lecture on the basic concept of the classic shell game.


Then she played a few practice rounds with them, with a bit of the toy poking out from under, just a little, to get the cats interested in playing along. They toy is a pipe cleaner, btw, an absolute favorite plaything.

She was still practicing with her students, with the toy completely hidden, until I sent the kids on up to bed. If the cats improve their skills, I’ll get another video. In the meantime, if any cute cats catch your eye, draw you over to their card table, and bring out the shells, or cups or whatever… Hold on to your wallet.

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bettyl said...

I'm giggling already! Can't wait to see what happens!