Monday, February 17, 2014

Newest Fashion Trend

Picked Honor up early from school today and we spent the whole afternoon together ‘shopping’ for her newest accessory… an arm cast. Strike a pose little model. Goes well with the floppy PE clothes in which the injury was acquired, doesn’t it?


Autographs will be collected… even Pixie wanted a turn.


Only on the cast dad!!


She was playing a game game of cops and robbers at school and the boy she was chasing tripped and fell. She couldn’t stop in time and tripped over him too, and managed to land on her arm wrong. Not sure which team won the game though…??

The school nurse called me to come get her, and after having the embassy clinic look her over, we went on over to the New Mowasat Hospital. It’s an absolutely wonderful establishment and we found everyone we met to be very helpful. professional, and kind. I mean, we didn’t WANT to have to go check it out, but when visiting an ER becomes a needed thing, this was definitely the kind of experience that we always want to have. We give it a very positive review!

She’s going to be sporting this interesting new look for a few weeks. Fortunately, the break wasn’t too bad. A greenstick fracture near her wrist. She was a lot happier and more comfortable with the cast on – able to play some Minecraft online with her friend and to goof off with her daddy this evening!



Brad said...

Nice to see Honor smiling! She wasn't so happy before the cast.

Nomads By Nature said...

Not fun. Hoping it heals quickly and feels better even sooner!

Annalyn Reed said...

Aww, sorry to hear that you hurt your arm honor! Cool cast though! I've bever broke my arm but I imagine that it would hurt. Stay strong! :) we love and miss you guys.

srsr said...

Hey, I finally logged on. By now I imagine the memory of the pain is gone and you are just more than ready to get the darn cast off. (Even if it is a pretty color!)We love you lots and look forward to your arrival!

Connie said...

Honor actually went through two casts! The green one stayed on 4 weeks and then she got a smaller/lighter one in pink for 10 days. She's not quite allowed back doing full activities, but she's getting there! Love you lots too!

Annalyn Reed said...

Hope to see you blog again soon! Love and miss you all!