Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So, for the first time in 11 years Brian got to celebrate his birthday in the US. Of course, he had to celebrate it a little bit early as his actual birthday is on a school day, but close enough! I can’t believe that my handsome young man is 14 years old already. He’s an awesome kiddo though, and I know that we are lucky that he is ours!

He chose “The Cheesecake Factory” for his dinner out. We went a bit early as it gets so crowded around here on weekends. We still had to wait awhile, but it gave us a little goofing off time before we were seated.


Brian chose a vanilla-chocolate swirl cake with coconut pecan frosting for his cake. Honor frosted it and decorated it for him too. Yum!


I think he had a fun time. We got him the main things that he’d been asking for, nice headphones for his PC and his own cell phone, and a few things that he didn’t ask for, like a York peppermint patty (hey, those things are good!) and some new jeans – which is quite an accomplishment. Trying to find pants that are tall and slim enough for him is tough. (and I found TWO pair!)

And here are a couple of pics of others who enjoyed Brian’s birthday festivities too! Happy Birthday Brian! We love you!



Mad Mat said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!!
Woo Hoo

Mad Mat said...

Happy Birthday Brian!!
Woo Hoo