Friday, March 6, 2015

Cold work (but we’re still not ready to move back to the land of sand)

This is the un-fun part of snow. Getting rid of the snow so we can get out of the house. We just heard that the kids have another day off of school tomorrow – text message beeped in and there was much cheering - but Brad may have to work, so we went out to clear the driveway.

Honor also tried to get a bit more sledding in, but the snow was too deep! She just sank right into the fluff!


She helped shovel a little bit…


I told her she looked too happy, that kids doing chores were supposed to be sad. She couldn’t make a convincing frown!


Brad brought out the serious tool. Our big yellow snow beast. We ought to come up with a name for it.


Driving this yellow beast up and down the hill is hard work. It has a mind of it’s own.


Brad was working up a sweat, but it was still snowing. He ended up with snow melting and re-freezing as ice on his hair, face, glasses, and clothes.


The snow beast worked well over the gravel part of the drive too.


It powered up the hill and really kicked the snow way out… he was painting the trees with the thrown snow, way off to the side.


Total accumulation today? 7.5 inches.


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Anonymous said...

I'm incredibly impressed you got the snowblower working. Love Dad