Monday, May 11, 2015

Thrown Weapons

We’ve been enjoying learning about the SCA and attending various activities. We attended one recently where the main event was rapier. We attended, but have not had much chance yet to learn about rapier, so we wandered, chatted, and learned about throwing axes and knives. Honor wasn’t feeling all the good that day, so she had a quiet day of watching, but she took a lot of nice photos.

Starting the day with a little breakfast.


And some shopping. The dress was too small, but Honor liked it. The garb that Brian, Brad and I wore was loaner items from the barony, but Honor’s dress was loaned to her from a new friend.


These are deceptively strong tents… it was quite a blustery day!


There’s my family!


Do these count?


Honor was gifted a medieval pinwheel from the friend who loaned her the garb. She also gave her a carved stick, as children often used such things as hobby horses. What a sweet birthday surprise!


Honor and I submitted items to the Arts & Sciences event. Honor’s was planned. She and I attended a scroll making and calligraphy class and she learned a little bit about illumination. She submitted her scroll and she won a nice paint set in the youth event. My entry was not planned. It was suggested to me that I should display my leather archery bracer for feedback, and I thought that sounded interesting as I had no what this sort of thing was like. When I went to do so, it was further suggested that I enter it in the contest. I honestly thought I wouldn’t win anything, as the other entry were two gorgeous leather field coronets(!) made by the man who helped me make my bracer, but I got an honorary mention and a piece of nice cloth for sewing. If I’d known I might win something, I’d have done more to mention my teacher as being responsible for so much help because I’d never made anything leather before! Ah well, it was a fun learning experience for both Honor and myself!

Honor’s scroll – aren’t these beasties great??


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