Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cultural confusion

We were off work today and wandering around town. Not downtown Cairo, but in Maadi, the suburb we live in. It's a small town, but there are enough little shops for what we need, and fortunately, many are located on a 'Main St.' for convenient shopping.

We bought some necessities and some little gift items requested by the kids' school at a local stationery store, then wandered down to the lightbulb store where we bought bulbs in bulk - the electricity fluctuates wildly and the lightbulbs die fast. We stopped at an Egyptian gifts shop to find a gift for one of Honor's friends. Her birthday party is coming up soon and we figured a pretty box with a selection of perfumes and pretty glass-blown bottles were better than a cheaper-than-you-can-believe, plastic, made-in-China, toy.

After the gift shop, we decided that it was lunchtime. We walked on down to the local Quiznos, and that's where we felt the really weird sense of cultural 'deja-where-are-we-anyway'? A couple of Americans, buying Italian sandwiches, in Egypt, and the music playing on the store's sterero? Latino, of course.

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Christine said...

LOL, I would have loved to have lunch with you. I wonder if Quiznos tastes different in Egypt like the McDonalds in Russia does?

BTW, the word verification is killing me sista. :) I can't read the letters.