Sunday, December 23, 2007


Sometimes computer time can be a competitive sport. Brian and Honor generally play well together, but they have different tastes and abilities in computer games. Brian is reading very well, and developing some pretty good tactics and hand-eye coordination (still has a lot to learn, but he is doing well). Honor is more interested in music and 'learn to read'-type JumpStart games. They often switch back and forth on the computer well on their own - sometimes we have to set the timer - sometimes we have to impose time-out! Today I went out shopping for an hour or so and when I returned, the kids ran up to me excitedly - Brian had found a 2-player on-line game that they were both enjoying. It was cute to see them sharing the computer, the same chair, and the same game!


the grandma said...

In the interest of their computer-time competing cousins, what's the url of the game? PS. Merry Christmas

grams said...

Or should I have named myself, their grandma. Absolutely love the picture of them. They sparkle.

Connie said...

I'd have to ask them that! I was more interested in their playing together, than the game. Brian finds a lot on the website.

I had them both on my lap at the computer this evening before bed - we were watching NORAD tracks Santa. He got to Finland, north of us, when I sent them running to bed. We'll be looking at the videos on the website to see if Santa flies by the Pyramids this year.

Love you! Merry Christmas :-)

Christine said...

Cool. Many more games out there too! Merry Christmas!

Christine said...


Glad to hear you got the popcorn. Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts. The coffee, National Geographic, Harry and David's, and beautiful shirt. (Hope I'm not missing something, but I have a feeling that I am.) The shirt fits by the way. :) I'll take a picture of it when I wear it.