Sunday, April 12, 2009

Family celebration

I've been a bit slow on posting some pics, but we've been so happily busy. One big event - events - has been Honor's 6th birthday. We celebrated her actual birthday at home, but we also threw a big party for friends at the club.

We do not do a lot of going out here. The roads are rough. Parking is hard. I do not trust the taxis. Going 'out to the movies' or 'to the mall' is a pain in the rear at best, it is not what we consider 'fun', so we do not bother to go out just to 'go out' as a social thing. We also avoid a lot of crowded places, like theatres and restaurants, because of.. well, hate to complain about our very welcoming hosts, but too many folks here know nothing of standing in lines politely. I can't even stand to go to Carrefour (local version of Walmart) with the kids because inevitably someone tries to physically push us aside to cut in line... Notice I said tries, like any of the more polite locals, we don't let them, but why should I bother patronizing a store where I have to put up with that? We also avoid the small mall near our home for the parking lot bandits who harass you for tips in the parking lot. I don't need anything from the place, it's more annoying than 'fun', so we don't go there, even to browse or window shop, which is too bad, but... as I said before ... meh...

Wow... aren't I starting out positive?! Just being honest. We don't like city-living. NOT in ANY place in the entire world. There's a lot we love about Cairo, but pushing and shoving, crowded, cigarette filled, crazy loud, and insane traffic/parking.. I'm sure my blood pressure went up just thinking about it. Some people love living in the hustle-bustle of cities... not me. So, to go out into that, just to see a movie that we will eventually see on DVD, or to go window shopping in a mall for things we aren't going to buy... meh... no thank you.

Anyway, we do like to do stuff. Socialize. Play. Get OUT. etc., but this usually revolves around school, friends or family activities, and usually we are kept far more occupied than we need to be... in a good, but tiring way! Birthday parties are one form this self-made entertainment takes and we gave both kids big parties this year. The big 'friends' parties we host though, are generally more of an excuse to entertain... for the real birthday party, we prefer to celebrate at home as a family.

This year, Honor woke up sick. Poor kiddo hardly ever gets sick, and yet she did. Right on her special day. Fever. Sore throat. etc. But she was cheerful and helpful. As we weren't going to have guests, I let Miss Cooties help bake her own cake. She read the directions, got the ingredients, and did quite a bit of the work on her own.
Mix on 'low'.

ta-daa! Didn't they turn out pretty?
Me and two smiling kids....
Brad and smiling kids.
Honor gets a pretty box with her own perfumes - so she doesn't have to use mine.

I love these happy kids!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Honor!


Veronica said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the cake, especially the #6 cupcake.

marina villatoro said...

great pictures. i'm slow with my photos too. what i do, is have one day a month where i upload, organize and then download my most recent pictures. it kind of helps:)
The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

LiLu said...

Awww, adoramable! I love the "her OWN perfumes..." My poor mom, I stole all her stuff until she'd just get me my own ;-)

Happy weekend!

Julia said...

Sounds like she had a great birthday. Wish we could be there. Tell her Happy Birthday for me.

Connie said...

Veronica - No photo, but the cake was actually marbled, pink and yellow. No reason except for fun!

Marina - glad you liked the photos :) I usually have to upload when I can. Our connection may not always be there! I've just had some busy days.

Lilu - I will still share my stuff :) but she's been very good with my rules so she earned the right to her own. Her box will likely end up on my, I mean 'our', dresser too. Just like her Hello Kitty chapstick belongs in my/our make-up basket.

Connie said...

Hi Julia! I will definitely tell her :)

Expat Mom said...

A little late, but Happy Birthday, Honor! :) She sure doesn`t look sick!! The cake looks like it turned out wonderfully.

Connie said...

Expat mom - The cake did turn out very nice :) And you're right! She didn't look or even act sick (well, maybe a little more tired than usual) but her throat was very sore, and she had a 100-101F fever nearly all day! She's a tough cookie.