Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Hug Day!

Ok, maybe I am supposed to be saying "Happy Earth Day" . I know that the kids are having Earth Day activities, assemblies, pledge-taking, etc. at school today that might very well be interesting to blog about - if I would just wait, but no, my day started out with hugs and cuddles, so I'm going with the given theme.

Even the cat was cuddly and talkative this morning. The kids woke up silly and giggling. Brian insisted on sitting in my lap as I brushed and combed his hair - which is nice, but he's getting tall enough that I almost cannot reach properly anymore! Honor was a hand-holding, skipping, smiling, sweetie as we walked into school. Brian went off to his class, and Brad and I took Honor to the playground.

Not only was Honor a hug-monster when saying her goodbyes to daddy as he left for work, but also, a neighbor's daughter came up for hugs from both of us. Then, after Brad left, I found myself surrounded by 4-6 other kindergartners from Honor's class.. using me as 'base' for their tag game... and hugging on me! A couple are 'usual' huggers - the class is full of very sweet kids - but there were a couple of unexpected hugs today. Did I need hugs? Did they? Or is there just something in the air that makes it a day to hug?

By the time I left the school to walk home - and I was only there all of about 10 minutes - I was full of sweet little hugs and smiles! What a way to start the day! My walk home was very pleasant as well. Blue sky. Warm air (although it is slated to be darn hot later, it was pleasant at 8am). Flowers and birds. Looking at the life around me, and feeling the happy hugged thoughts inside of me, thinking of Earth Day... I was reminded of this little snippet I wrote when Brian was just a little guy. We'd had a nice afternoon outside, and he had been a state of gleeful, unabashed nature appreciation - enjoy:

Toddler Tree Ritual
Location: any nice group of friendly trees
Time: whenever
Method: Insist on going out to play, even in spite of a little rain. Find your local grove of trees. Grab mom by the finger and insist she accompany you to the chosen location. (especially if you're not allowed to cross the parking lot by yourself!) Approach the first tree and give it a few pats hello. Proceed to run as fast as you can around the tree (15-20 times), and pronounce your joy with loud squeals and laughter. When the next tree beckons, run over and repeat the greeting, the circling, and continue to share your happiness with all. If you fall down, be sure to share the earth kisses that have made their way on to your hands, with mom, by smearing them muddily and lovingly on her jeans. Continue this ritual until you are tired, then sit with mom in the juniper, hold her hand, point at ants, and watch the world go by.
Equipment: a small Ernie toy was sacrificed to the deepest bit of the juniper but this is not necessary.
Usage: warms mom's heart, cheers her like you wouldn't believe!!
Creator: my 15mo old 'Druid'

Happy Earth Day - may it be hug filled and naturally blessed!


Tanya said...

Snap!! Thanks again for making me smile.

Connie said...

Good! It made me smile too, so I was trying to share the love :D

SeeThroughGreen said...

lol! Have fun and Happy Earth Day!

Tanya said...

Hello Connie I've just tagged you in 'Her Bad Mothers' 'Round the world in 80 clicks' if you feel so inclined-although I guess we all answer this question almost everytime we blog in a way!

Mama Seoul said...

Glad Misty was around for Hug Day!