Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hydras and other pets

Finally! Ages later than the creation of Honor’s bear, I finally managed to get Brian’s hydra made!

Brian had a very specific hydra that he wanted. He’s been enjoying the Wizard101 online role playing game, and one of his favorite creatures in the game is a Hydra. Early in the game, it was available as a pet, now it’s only available with a card or as an equipment bonus. Here’s a little clip:


Brian drew this sketch for me, mostly to insure I got the order of the heads correct:


And here is his finished hydra. This one doesn’t breath fire, ice and lightning like the one in the game, but it turned out pretty cool any way!






As for other pets, the online game has recently brought out an expansion to game play. Previously, a pet for your character was usually just a creature that followed you around. A cute status symbol. Some pets gave you a small bonus in the game in the form of an additional spell card. Now, pets have been made more interactive. From an article on the new Advanced Pets:

“The pet system allows players to raise and combine their own pets, which can assist them in battle. Pets also can roam freely in Castles and Lands, enjoy snacks, compete in the multiplayer Pet Derby, and train in special mini-games (including Dance Game, Gobbler Drop, Cannon Game, and Maze Game).

In battle, pets will accompany their wizard companion, and be able to use new abilities such as traps, shields, and blades during duels.”

I’ve recommended Wizard101 as a family game before, and definitely continue to do so. It is still evolving, and is still very engaging for all members of the family. Here’s another article from an Austin, TX news station about it. 


A Daring Adventure said...

Connie, that thing in AMAZING. I can't believe you made that - it looks like something you would buy in a store. You have some serious talent.

Connie said...

K - Thank you my friend! I like to craft, but this whole toy making thing is a 'make it up' as I go, self-taught school. There are no patterns for myth creatures ;D hmm? Maybe I should find the pieces I used and share them, but I did some altering as I went, so... might be tough! A big problem with video games is that the characters/critters from the game usually are NOT available as toys in stores (unless it's like Star Wars or Legos or something that is huge enough to have all the variety and merchandising).

SeeThroughGreen said...

That is so cool! I cant do stuff like that at ALL! I tried to make a coat for my greyhound and it sucked majorly lol! You are so good!!

Connie said...

so many crafts... so few hours in each day ;D !!

Mama Seoul said...

That is great! Very impressed!

Connie said...

Thanks! Brian loves it - that was my goal :)

Jen said...

Those are really neat! Learning how to sew properly is already on my list for this coming year...

Too cool!

Jen said...

So amazing, you are incredibly talented! Learning to sew is number one on my to do list next year!

Connie said...

Thank you Jen! My sewing skills are a work in progress. I have good ideas, I can rough out patterns and can draw well enough to plan the construction of what I want, but experience with the actual sewing, or the best fabrics and tools for the jobs, well, that's the 'in progress' part and often involves a lot of struggling and inappropriate language! At least it's a challenge I enjoy, no matter how successful I am! And what the heck.. one of the lessons I want to pass on to the kids is to just try, even if you don't think you can manage the job well, try anyway, and amazing things can happen :) (and it's fun).