Friday, January 8, 2010

Honor's Bear

I have been working on a of couple of projects for the kids, and managed to finish Honor's bear. She wanted a teddy bear, and while I was anticipating a difficult time learning to sew fur fabric, she chose this pretty purple floral print on cotton instead. I think it turned out very sweet! I may try this pattern with fur some time in future too.

Pixie poses next to the bear to show how big the toy is.

And while I would love to be able to give precise, step by step instructions of how she was made, I am not that good with sewing toys (yet) and I don't think I can do too much to walk anyone else through the making of this little bear, but here are the pattern pieces that I used to give you an idea. There are no moving parts or joints in this teddy bear, nor hard plastic eyes or other hardware.

and here is Honor's sketch of how it should turn out:

I am now working on Brian's request. It may take a little longer as a three headed hydra is a little more complex than a bear! I've drawn up a pattern and have one of the heads finished. So far so good. Give me a few weeks and watch this space!

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