Sunday, January 24, 2010

Temple Of Artemis (etc.)

I apologize for disappearing. Our internet connection has been… well... LAME is a polite term for it. I am not even sure this will post, but I’m going to try anyway.

More photos from our last trip to Jerash.
Looking at these, I am again struck by what a beautiful day we had for the outing. The air was so very clear. The hills were covered in lush green. And the afternoon/early evening sunlight was the perfect highlight.
The Temple of Artemis - not the destroyed Temple that was one of the 7 Medieval Wonders of the World, but the one in Jerash - covered a large area and was located on steep terrain. A lot of stairs. My knees had started the day in a bad mood, and by the time we came to this portion of the site, they were creaking and wobbling something fierce. I still pushed through and climbed here and there, but did not get to explore most of this complex. Not yet.

Honor found an interesting chamber – I didn’t let her go in too far. There are areas with unmarked holes and we couldn’t see anything under all this lovely greenery!
The sun was starting to set and the rock simply glowed when studied at certain angles.
DSC05926  Some of the stairs I mentioned – the rest of the group had left me behind, to limp along slowly(!), but Honor stayed with me.
A view from the Temple, to the modern city of Jerash.
More of those many stairs. I didn’t actually make it up this flight so will have to keep wondering what is up there until a later visit. Instead, I turned around here and rejoined the group going back down. Our friends were visiting, whereas we will be here for awhile, it was good to tag along and visit while we played tourist.
Back at street level, looking up at part of the Temple.
More  of the front of the Temple. As we had approached this Temple from the side – the colonnade runs directly along the front here – it was difficult to get a photo of the whole face of the complex. I might have to try wandering off-road, to the south of the Temple, next time.  
It is grand. Magnificent. This must have been absolutely beautiful when it was new. Despite the weathering and passage of time, it is still beautiful.

More "up". Reports from those with better joints say that there are even more stairs beyond the crest here.
How did the builders manage to get those huge stones all the way up there??
Of course, ‘backing up’ off the south-east? of the road to get a wider shot, might be tricky. There are walls and other obstacles across from the Temple too. We’ll have to see.
And then someone decided it was time to strike off again, to the next stop on our adventure. We hopped back down onto the stony colonnade, and marched off toward the North Gate.
“Come on mom!”

UPDATE - After more studying of a map, it appears that what I am calling the Temple of Artemis is wrong. This whole area is a series of buildings and temples around the Temple. Forgive me - there is just so much!! It's overwhelming! I definitely need to go back with a book, map, (there is not much in the way of signage out there) and sufficient time(!), so I can get all these amazing buildings straight in my head! This is a 'learn as I go' project.


dani desantiago said...

Beautiful pictures Connie, When I see them I go back in time and Era. so Thanks for showing us wonderful beauty and enligting us with history and pictures of your family.

Connie said...

Hi Dani - Thanks for dropping by :) I am enjoying the process of learning about my host country - both as a 'tourist' and as a expat mom with kids. And thank goodness for the internet! It is such a valuable resource for me to use as I learn - and it also allows me to pass that knowledge (and fun) along. What a blessing!

Sarah said...

I was visited Temple of Artemis and it’s totally amazing and unbelievable experience for me and in your blog I found my old journey collection thank u very much

Connie said...

Hi Sarah - glad you enjoyed the photos! It is a beautiful place to visit, and since I cannot being everyone here to see it in person, I try to share with my blog.