Sunday, January 31, 2010

Secret of the Ancient Egyptians

egyptian99 Someone call Dr. Zahi Hawass. We think we’ve discovered how the treasures of Ancient Egypt were preserved so well!

aegypten82 It wasn’t wisdom that we found in ancient scrolls.

ManWithScrollANI It wasn’t magic!

generator No powerful artifacts,


or cats with glowing heads,

egypt_30or King Tut, the boy king wonder,



 egypt_110  Fliegender_Teppich    egypt_104

or even aliens!

egypt_171No. None of that.

                   egy21  fem2 egy21 fem2

No, no, no!

egyptian854 So, what was it already?!

anubis1 egypt_12

Get ready to take notes….


and promise not to tell, shhh!


It’s all in the packing!!

egypt_115 Egyptians don’t mess around when it comes to wrapping stuff up for safe journeys, whether it is to the afterlife, or abroad, and apparently, these centuries of practice have paid off.  egypt

Thanks Sea Bird, your packers did a great job!


Now… our things have finally arrived. My hands are stiff and sore from struggling to unwrap everything – yes, I am fully convinced that if our shipment had been lost for a thousand years, future archeologists would have had a field day with unearthing and discovering all of our perfectly preserved household junk! The methods employed were darned effective and hard to undo. (Few minor dings and things, but very impressive nonetheless!)

So, now it is our turn to run around in circles and restock our new home.  Which might take awhile…

egypt004 egypt_157 egypt004

Hooray for stuff!

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Lydia said...

Yes, they do a good job. Grant's rock collection was even individually wrapped. 'Cause, you know, it could have broken along the way.

Connie said...

We had wrapped rocks too, and even the plastic-ware was handled with care. My hands are covered in papercuts from trying to wrestle open the wrapped goods :D So good to get our stuff again. It's going to be tough moving into less closets, but I'm all for less stuff.

Lynda said...

Yes, we also had the over-enthusiastic wrapping. Masses of the stuff.. and really not easy to dispose of in recycling manic germany.

Connie said...

Lynda - I can imagine! I mean, there's probably a facility somewhere that is happy to get it, but putting the 2 and 2 together?!? That's not an easy task to accomplish when you are new. It's impossible to have the movers take it all too because unpacking is always a long ordeal ... things don't have homes yet. There is no 'away' to put them!

Veronica said...

Welcome stuff!
Unpacking is such fun, especially when it has been away for awhile ... sort of like Christmas again in February ;-)
Love that camel.