Thursday, January 28, 2010


Snuggles and cuddles are something we have a surplus of in our home… not that I am complaining!

One, Two, Three, kittens in a tree. Are you looking at me?


TV watching buddies (ok, maybe only one here is interested in the TV, but they’re still cute).


Sister snuggles… so sweet.


Pixie has her boy


And, in order to obtain the perfect, toes up, belly rub position, Pumpkin will often somersault head-first over my shoulder, onto my lap… usually without much warning. It works.



Lynda said...

They are looking like young cats now, rather than kittens.. can't you stunt their growth! But still super cute.

Veronica said...

just love those ginger kittens. We are without a cat at the moment, for several reasons, but we have had several ginger cats. I will just have to admire yours

Connie said...

We plan on keeping them inside, and spoiled rotten with tons of love and toys. They might get big, but it worked to keep our last two cats very 'kitten-y' their entire lives :)

These are the first gingers I've ever owned. I'd seen coloring like Pumpkin's before - the tabby spots, but Ninja (dark orange and white) and Pixie (white and very light orange/pink) ... never! Glad they are all keeping their distinct color and markings as they get older. Their eyes are turning a lovely yellow-gold now too, although I'd hoped one could get the mom's dark green eyes.