Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Row of Columns

I’m really getting to adore roads lined with massive columns. So impractical, but I think the Romans were on to something. Columns are impressive. The ones at Jerash are in better shape, but still, this road was a treat to explore.

Heading around the corner…


Yet again… staring off into the distance. This is about where I pulled out my cell phone to coordinate with Brad and his group. See where they were and where/if we wanted to meet up. Yes, out here in the middle of nowhere, we had cell coverage.




Built in 100-200AD by the Romans, it replaced a road built and used earlier by the Nabataeans. It was mostly destroyed by an earthquake.

One end of the road faces the tombs on the walls.


In the other direction is a massive gate


Honor wanted to walk along all the rocks (lined up on the right; probably for future reconstruction), as she did so, a Bedouin youth on a donkey rode his donkey up on the rocks and showed off his mount’s skill on uneven surfaces (still wouldn’t want to ride one of those little animals up stairs though).



Tired travelers!



Shannon said...

You really have to quit with the pictures. I swore no middle-east posts and absolutely NO desert posts, but your pictures are really making me rethink that. Jordan is definitely on my maybe list right now.

Connie said...

Shannon - Nope. Not quitting. Still have more ;D ! But I am still on vacation and not keeping up. I promise to post lots of R&R photos with trees and oceans to balance things out, ok? Hope all is going well with you and yours. I've not been able to do much reading lately and am behind on news. Are you there yet?!