Friday, August 13, 2010


Yesterday I got this little note from my daughter:

“Alien Adventure – Find paper aliens. Each one who finds the most, wins! All prizes the same.”

This morning, after we got up and moving, we were directed to go look for her paper aliens around the house. She’d drawn 15 pictures of little aliens, stuffed them in envelopes, and hid them all over the house. One alien was found early, last night, because she hid it in her brother’s bed! She hid the aliens well too, they weren’t easy for us to find.

Brad found the most, Brian next, and I came in last with only three aliens. Our prizes were our aliens. Each picture had similar looking aliens, but they each had a speech bubble with different sayings.

Honor is very creative, and this was a fun little game that kept her occupied for some time… drawing the aliens and hiding them… and gave us all a good half hour or so of family play while searching for them! Honor had a blast giving us clues and laughing when we were so close, but still not seeing them!


bettyl said...

That is a very creative game!

Isn't it fun to have the family all involved and make the kids feel important!!? It only takes a small effort and I bet we have no idea how much good it does the kids!

Connie said...

I love these spontaneous family things... even more so when the kids come up with them :) I won't know the good it does the kids until they're grown, I suppose, but I do know it does me good now!

Expat Mom said...

Love it! Kids have the most amazing imaginations, I never get tired of watching them and listening to how their brains work. And it's just awesome that you guys jumped in to play.

Connie said...

It's fun to be included! I love to just watch and see what happens next too... Today, she and a friend played dress-up... pretty green velvet dresses, gauzy scarves over their faces, snow hats and gloves, costume jewelry, and wands. The were walking around like zombies, and breathing like Darth Vader.. this is how they greeted her friend's dad when he came to pick them up. Good thing he has a sense of humor ;D

Forgetfulone said...

Very original! What a creative girl you have. sounds like so much fun!

Connie said...

She is very creative! Of course, getting her to 'uncreate' (ie. clean up) is not as easy... working on that this morning ;)