Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road Trip!

This R&R was planned out as a road trip. I had spent a good bit of time researching the areas we were to drive through, but we also enjoyed simply moseying down the highway and stopping at interesting places that we discovered along the way.

Highway 101 – the scenic Pacific Coast Highway. We highly recommend it!


There were many sights to enjoy… the Oregon bridges were lovely.


We made sure to stop at many of the pull outs along the coast. I didn’t take a lot of photos. Usually we’d park the car, get out, wander around a bit, then pack up and move on. It was a very pleasant and relaxing way to travel. It also got warmer as we went further south! (Not much warmer, but we weren’t shivering and turning purple as much… we even took our jackets off mid-day!)


Someone’s attention getter – the notebook held a very rabid, ignorant, hate-filled rant that I won’t repeat, but I liked the stones. My freedom of speech allows me to ignore the artist’s speech/intent if I want to!  :p

DSC07599   At one point we stopped just in time to watch the fog roll in.




As the fog reached the shore, it crossed the road and rolled right on up the hills behind us.



We stopped at a touristy place further down the road, watched a documentary film about the forests, and learned that these coastal fogs are what nourish the redwoods and allow them to grow so tall. The trees are able to absorb massive amounts of water from this air, not only for themselves, but the water is crucial to all the organisms in their environment.  It’s more than simply ‘very pretty’.

When the fog was all the way ‘in’, the sun was hidden…


… and we quickly got cold again, so we hopped back in the car, and on we went.

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