Monday, May 21, 2012

Cats: All Your Base Are Belong to Us

 Do not be fooled. The internet may want you to believe that this meme came about as a result of a happy accident between an English translation mix-up and bored web-surfers, but any cat owner can tell you where it really began. I mean, is it a mere coincidence that the main character of the meme is named “Cats”?? I don’t think so.

 Let me demonstrate how cats can take possession of all your base…er…  I mean… all your stuff:

According to Ninja, this is her string. ALL string is Ninja's string.

This is Ninja’s blanket. It does not matter that Honor had it first.

This is Ninja’s science project

Actually we really do give Ninja her own ‘homework’ so she won’t ‘do’ the kids’ homework for them.   See, everybody is very busy after school at the table… 

This is Ninja’s towel. I bet you didn’t know that drying the table was a job worthy of hazardous duty pay.

Ninja has computer games, complete with her own personal game operator.

Ninja also plays board games

This is Pixie’s box

This is also Pixie’s box

Do not try and take Pixie’s box. You should understand the rule…

Pixie always gets to see what arrives in the mail.. FIRST…

Pixie has a personal elevated lounge chair

And her very own boy

Ninja has a mobile denim-covered scratching post that makes a mom-like screaming sound when she uses it…

Pixie has her own personal sister

Sometimes sisters need a bit of a wash

Sometimes, sisters need an attitude adjustment…

Yes, Ninja does have an attitude, and Pixie knows how to take care of her ‘belongings’… (oh! the language that they use at times!)

Pumpkin demands all the love

Ninja steals some of the love.

Ninja also steals the photo op

Brian has been telling me that he wants to get a queen-size bed. I mean, he is a very tall kid, but I’m not sure that he’s tall enough to need a bigger bed yet…  However, I do see this on a regular basis:

(I have no idea how he sleeps with one leg up and the other off the bed, but he does, and so I guess that I get why he thinks he needs more room!)

I also thought Honor had enough pillows. Nope! Wrong again. Ninja has all of the pillows.

So see… Cats: All Your Base ARE Belong to Us… and if it doesn’t now, well, then Ninja has this look that Honor calls “Those Big Eyes” and yea, what doesn’t belong to her now, soon will…
Go ahead, hand it over, it’s inevitable…


Expat Mom said...

Ok, this post was hilarious! The one of Pixie on her personal elevated lounge chair, priceless!

And on a side note, Brian's hair is SO nice. I'm jealous. Guys always have better hair.

Connie said...

We have a new part-time maid. She had just set up the ironing board, walked out of the room to get something, came back in... and there was Pixie. Made us both crack up! Our cats really do have to be involved in everything. :) And yea, I'm jealous of Brian's (and Honor's) hair too!

Toni said...

What a great post! I just read it and it brought a smile to my face! I love cats, actually all animals they bring so much joy to your life!

Connie said...

Glad you enjoyed it Toni! They do bring a lot of joy to our lives, and so I like to share some of it!

jak said...

Wow. I am really surprised to see it. It's really a good family picture where has a natural love for all of them. I just see all photo to realize the moment and thought about the cat more because it is very happy here than other cats.

Rebecca said...

LOL! Adorable post!!! Yep. I have *just* one indoor cat and she hogs everything as it is. I don't mind sharing everything, except she likes to sit in front of the computer monitor and lick it! That's when I get a bit peevish.