Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Giving His Life For Our Nation

So often overlooked by our national and international media, are the local professionals who guard our embassies abroad. Not just our embassies, but all nations’ embassies, even in the US… go to DC, go look… you will see these humble men and women in uniform, in all conditions and weather, in all manner of political unrest, 24/7/365, standing in front of the embassies of our nations, doing their individual jobs of protecting the people and assets within the gates, and upholding the responsibilities of a host nation toward their guest diplomats. It’s a tough, but vital job, and yet so often they will have the first smile we receive in the morning, always have a friendly wave, advice about the area we live in, a joke to share, or a hug for a child. Unfortunately, too often, they make the ultimate sacrifice during their service, as it what happened with Mr. Mustafa Akarsu in the recent bombing in Turkey.

I have looked through a number of news resources and have yet to find a photo of this brave man, so please visit Life After Jerusalem to read a short memorial. 

Please also visit Nomads By Nature whose family is posted to Ankara right now and read her account of events after receiving the text “I am ok just stand by you phones” from her husband at work… that line, “I’m ok, but… “  instantly gives you grey hairs… and please read her heartfelt thought of Mr. Akarsu. We should all reflect and be grateful for his service and sacrifice.

Diplopundit also shares comments from our Ambassador in Ankara.

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