Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rambo Toast!

Honor and I went to a new, to us, store yesterday and while wandering through the bakery section, we saw this:


Yep, that is truly a wonderful pastel-y swirly magical bread creation.


In Arabic-English, this reads Mini Toast Rambo (RMBW), but I am fairly certain that they meant Rainbow (RNBW …??). Actual Rambo bread would likely be crusty and tough, colored through with various shades of khaki, olive drab, loam and shreds of camo nets. It would likely be armed and contain bits of glass to make whoever eats it tough as nails. No, this was definitely Rainbow bread. It was soft, sweet smelling and as cute as unicorn smiles. You know we had to try it. We got a mini loaf, as we really weren’t sure if we’d like it.


What do you do with Rainbow toast? It turns out that it really is just a white bread with color, so we made it into Fairy Bread. Obviously.

Bread, butter, and sprinkles (100s&1000s). It tastes like cupcakes for some strange reason. btw… these are tiny slices of bread, maybe 2”x3”, and not gigantic sprinkles. This picture could have used something to show actual size. I am not sure we’ll get this bread on a regular basis. I think it would make cute party treats though.

Yea… this bread is so totally NOT Rambo. But it is tasty and cute.


Nomads By Nature said...

That will bring a smile to your day! I think Fairy Bread Open Sandwiches were the perfect menu selection for this bread.

Connie said...

It was a nice little treat, but very very frou-frou and girly. If I could have added glitter to the post, I would have (and little stars and hearts).

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Must be very delicious.