Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello Summer!



I don’t think I’ve ever seen the truck outside temperature indicator go this high, and unless I have just hit it with the hose and it tries to convince me that the temp is only 75F for the next hour or so, when it very obviously isn’t, this thing is generally very accurate. Matching radio broadcast weather and the weather app on my phone, etc. This photo was after arriving back from the store today. 121F … phew!

What was a lie was the weather app calling the weather “partly cloudy” … no. Grey skies caused by blowing sand and dust is not “partly cloudy”. Nice try. Also a lie is the orange “Check Engine Soon” light shining there. It’s been telling us that since 2005. Even the dealer couldn’t figure it out. It’s an old truck and allowed to have it’s quirks I suppose… especially as it got me home again before the ice cream melted, and has an AC that still kicks out the icy air!

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Annalyn Reed said...

Wow that is some hot weather! I hope it cools down over there. It is slowly starting to cool down slowly over here.