Sunday, December 28, 2008

Learning to read

So after finishing her lunch yesterday, Honor leans over and tells me she is still hungry. Kind of surprising, as she ate a full meal, but also not surprising, as both she and her brother have managed to grow another 1/4 inch each since the beginning of the month... the mass has to come from somewhere. Unfortunately, I'd only made a certain amount of food for lunch, and it was all gone. So, I told her she could go get some graham crackers or an apple.

Off she skips, skip skip, to the kitchen. "Mom? Where are the graham crackers?"

I tell her that they are in a blue box on the counter.

There's quiet for a moment, then she skips, because she was in a bouncy mood, back to the table and whispers in my ear - secrets are as fun as yelling across the house - asking seriously, "Mom, are graham crackers the same as Honey Maid?" (the brand of crackers we have).

Little show off. She knows the box... it has pictures of graham crackers on it! But I whisper seriously back in her ear, "Yes, they are, great reading!"

skip skip skip...


Lydia said...

And they love every second of showing you their new ability. I went grocery shopping (gone about an hour and a half)and left Eliza with instructions to start one of her new American Girl books while I was gone. I got back, asked about her progress and she said simply, "Oh, I finished it, Mommy." Oooo-kay. Maybe she's ready for Nancy Drew.

Tina in CT said...

I read the series of American Girl books this summer so I would be "up" on them for my granddaughters. I loved Nancy Drew when I was a little girl.

Honors' comment about the graham crackers was cute.

Connie said...

Have you seen the "Dear America" series? I am not sure what reading level they are, but they looked to be a similar age/level as Nancy Drew and, while I haven't read any, they look interesting.

JoLee said...

watching a child learn is simply amazing. I love the heartbreaking innocence of it all.

Limningedge said...

Felix Sit Annus Novus ... Happy New Year (it already is here!)

LiLu said...

*melt melt melt*

That would be my heart. Too sweet for words.

Happy New Year, Connie