Thursday, March 26, 2009


Honor and I joined a girl's day out shopping in a little town called Kirdasa. I'm not sure how, or why, we ever found this place, but it appears to be something of a outlet market town for local clothes and other items. A friend and I like the cotton embroidered tunics and this is a great place to find them. They also have a great selection of adult sized galebeyas - in very simple, to very elaborate, styles, as well as kids' galabeyas and girls' clothes. I invited Brian to come along just to get out and see this other part of the greater Cairo area, but understandably, he was not at all interested in clothes shopping.

Honor had a blast though. Here she is... shopping like an Egyptian! (no, I didn't pose her, she did it herself...)
We stopped a rug shop too. I've bought several items here in the past, including a selection of small weavings - like those hanging behind Honor.
Lounging about looking at the various weavings.
Honor shows off a kitty galabeya we got for her at another store.
Two hangings I liked. I got one like the one on the right, but instead of blues, the sky is red and the desert is in greens and yellows.
I liked this village scene too.
Another nice one with great detail.
and Honor liked this one.
Honor, like the rest of us, got shopped out
Street view.


Stacey from NY said...

Hello, I follow your blog alittle and was very curious to know why you live in Egypt.. Its weird seeing blonde children living their. lol.. I love different cultures and would love if you would do a post on why you live there, what its like, the weather, kinds of food, what kind of school the kids go to and etc...
Thanks so much..

Tina in CT said...

I agree with Honor's favorite one.

LiLu said...

Okay... I'm totally coming to visit. Cool?

Expat Mom said...

I LOVE the wall hanging that Honor liked, definitely my favorite, too . . . she has good taste. :)

It`s interesting, but apart from the actual designs, many of the products look almost identical to what is offered in the markets here. Right down to the embroidered shirts! I`m going to have to take some photos and put them up on the blog so you can see. :) Wouldn`t it be funny if both countries were getting stuff from the same source?

Connie said...

Stacey - We're here for work, and I tend to blog about everything else you mention as I go.

Tina - Honor does have good taste :)

Lilu - let me know, and I'll get you at the airport, yay :D

Expat mom - I would love to see the photos! I love textile crafts and have dabbled in weaving as well as spinning my own yarn, etc. I also like to embroider and while I know some of the embroidered stuff is machine-made, so what? It is still lovely and interesting. And much is hand-made too. Some of the weavings look very Native American to me as well!

Nicole said...

Looks like fun! I would love to have one of those tops that are hanging behind/above Honor. Really pretty and different. I'll bet you guys are going to miss it there. Where are you off to next?? What do you do for work that takes you so far away?

Connie said...

Nicole - I like the tunics like the red one in front of Honor... they go great with jeans, but are 'dressier' than t's or polos. We're with the Embassy, and I'm very superstitious. I'll only announce where we go next, when we have plane tickets in hand! (sorry!)

Nicole said...

Oh okay! I guess I will just have to wait and find out! Can you order the tunics anywhere online? If you know of any ket me know, would you???? Thanks.

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