Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Math games, times two

Brian had a dice game for math homework. I was cooking when he brought it out and he asked if I could play, so I suggested that, if he didn't want to wait for me to reach a stopping point, he could teach his sister to play - if it was a game that could be played with adding or subtracting, or even counting (rather than multiplication). I believe the game called for 5 or more rolls of the dice, so it had bigger numbers than Honor has been using in kindergarten, but she can count dots, even if she's not up to complex double-digit addition yet.

After playing Brian's homework game, Honor got out a worksheet that her class had done and she taught Brian how to play a number race game with dice.

Who says math isn't fun?

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Christine said...

Cool. It is nice that the two of them can sit and play together. Not all of our kids are willing to do this. ;)