Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

If you’re not wearing green, consider yourself pinched!

Brian and Honor set out their clothes last night.


and got up and dressed quickly this morning so we’d have time for their favorite accessories.

Brian loves dragons…


Honor chose to have a leprechaun guard her gold.

DSC06180  and she wanted some shamrocks too.



Brian will be thrilled when he finds out that I managed to save up enough ‘gold’ prizes in the Facebook Farmville game so I could trade in for a castle! (Thanks to all my FB friends for helping me.)

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Shannon said...

Too cute. My boys had their clothes picked out last night too, but that didn't stop a flurry of early morning pinching during the dressing process. My oldest had to ear his uniform for JROTC and was very quick to point out the green on his ribbons and his shoulder braid (or what ever it is called- I am such a civilian) was bright green so he was happy.

Connie said...

Shannon - I was in Army JROTC, so my uniform was green, phew!... safe! :D I threatened to wake the kids up with pinches this morning, but they said that wasn't fair, so I behaved myself (it was hard.)

SeeThroughGreen said...

aww! thats cute!

Anonymous said...

Love your St. Patrick's Day spirit!

Sorry that you've had pain with your neck. I wholeheartedly agree with having the Jr. Chiropractors work on you. Just recently, our family has found the secret that chiropractors are worth their weight in gold!

And a thousand congratulations to you on your eighteenth wedding anniversary. That's just so wonderful for you both.

Connie said...

I need to find a good chiro locally - although the kids' version is very sweet, I think they just got luck with the 'cure' :D

My little wearers o' the green were sad to have to wash off the marker this evening. I didn't want them sleeping with water soluble ink though. Imagine the mess!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I had to bring my 2 kids by here to show them that - YEAH, kids who go to school have to actually go to school on St. Patrick's Day!

It's not a *school* holiday!

And whomever drew the leprechaun is a wonderful artist!

And I just joined FB, so I have no clue (yet?) what you are referring to with the little St. Pat's FB thingees but I would have been happy to have helped you earn them!

Blessings to you...

Connie said...

Sometimes it's tough to go to school on holidays, sometimes it is a ton of fun to share the day with the other kids. My son came home today telling of one child who did not have to wear green, but was safe from pinching because he has green eyes. I considered home schooling - not lightly, I know it is a huge, BIG, full-time job(!) - but we've been blessed with good schools. The kids are excited to get out the door and go every day, and they thrive. As long as that continues, I'm happy. I did quit my job to be a SAHM though, so I could be home when they are home.

The castle and gold were a part of a seasonal celebration of the Farmville app/game. Ordinarily, you connect with your FB friends as 'neighbors' and collect and share normal farm items to make your farm a success. On holidays, they have special items that you collect as gifts from your friends. Gather enough, and you can trade them for prizes for your farm. If you would like to friend me on FB, I have a button on my sidebar. My acct. is 'family friendly' because my kids love FB too.

oh - and thanks! I'm the one wielding the markers. I was surprised that I was able to create what I had in mind. I used to draw constantly...doodles and sketches on everything... I am out of practice! But the kids were happy with their 'tattoos' :)

Anonymous said...

It's Friday, and that means that the Fifth Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

Here is the link:

(If I quoted your text or used your photo(s) and you would rather I had not, please let me know. Please also be sure to check the link(s) that I put up to you, in order to verify that they work properly. If you would rather that I had not referenced you, and/or do not want me to reference you in the future, please also contact me.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Connie!

Okay... went to your page... tried to do the whole Facebook thing but I'm new to FB and I couldn't find where to add you as a friend! LOL!

So I got to your page but couldn't figure out what to do past that!

I'm so lame...

Connie said...

You are NOT lame! I had my non-FB hubby try the button, and it seems you have discovered a problem - it's not you, it's the technology! My widget is probably out of date. I'm going to use this page to renew the button. Thanks for letting my know.

Connie said...

Hmm? So hard to test this! Facebook is so clunky... I added a new badge, but it doesn't seem to matter, so I adjusted my privacy settings. Looks like you have to be logged into FB, click on the button on my sidebar, and it should take you to a place where it asks if you want to add me as a friend.