Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy Day

Actually, it’s been a very busy week. Very busy couple of weeks. We had a long, four day weekend in there somewhere, but I don’t actually remember having a break!

We had another AC unit installed in our house. I know it is chilly now, but it won’t stay that way! I love my kitchen, with the attached sitting room, but it gets HOT with all the windows – even if the oven is not being used! There is AC in other areas of the house, but it is divided into 4 sections: the front living room, the kids’ rooms, our room, and the kitchen & sitting room. All had AC except the latter. All are separated by doors, a hall, and a central room (kinda like a courtyard, but indoors). The AC does not travel zone to zone! Fortunately, we were authorized a 4th unit, and they took care of that, no problems!

Speaking of windows, we also had safety film put on all of ours. It is, of course, a reminder, that there is reason to think we might need it, but it is also pretty cool stuff when you think of it. It holds shattered glass in place to protect you from flying shards, it’s invisible, and it blocks UV rays. Not that expensive either. I wonder if you could get a discount on your homeowners insurance for it?

No photo evidence yet, but we had most of our art and photos hung up too. We don’t have anything that fancy – it’s all mix-n-match and goes with the rest of our stuff that’s been acquired as we wander(!), but it’s OUR junk and having it put in place makes this house more home-like :) We had to have help hanging things up because these walls are solid concrete… my drill is much too wimpy to bore through it, and forget hammering anything in!

Today has had me running all over. Ninja and Pixie went to the vet for a couple days hospitalization for spaying. Pumpkin is so confused now. He has been attached to me all afternoon. He does NOT like being away from his sisters! I also managed to get the car gassed up, and to visit the produce stand that I like. I don’t know how the prices stand up to the other produce stands, but it’s better than the grocery store, and compared to other places I’ve tried, the people are much more friendly. All I do is choose what I want, the guy picks the good fruits/veg for me, fills the bags, carries them to the register, then loads my car… never lets me tip him either. There are actually two stands side by side… I tried the second one once, and the difference was night and day. Anyway, after a quick stop to the grocery store for the rest of my shopping, I finally made it home… and just in time, as my head was pounding with a terrible headache.

I had fattoush salad for lunch – it consists of greens, cucumber, tomato, mint leaves, onion, and toasted bits of flat bread as croutons, with oil & lemon dressing, and sumac sprinkled generously on top. Very refreshing!! To make it a bit more filling, I threw a few balls of mint labenah (yogurt cheese) on top. That fixed my tummy, but my head still hurt. Pumpkin and I managed to fit in a nap before the kids got home, but it’s now 4:30 in the afternoon, and my head is still killing me. I took more meds and have my fingers crossed that these will do the trick. We’re planning on meeting Brad for steak night at the club and while it is always very nice (and yummy), it can be loud in there at times because it is a family night. Never mind though… if I suffer, at least it will be a well-fed suffering, and it’s our TGIF, so I can sleep in tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

It's Friday, and that means that the Third Weekly State Department Blog Roundup is up - and you're on it!

Here is the link:

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Connie said...

Very cool... going to check you out and see what others have posted this week :)