Tuesday, March 9, 2010


It is looking, and feeling, nicer and nicer outside, every day.

Nice enough to play outside in the evening, in short sleeves.


Nice enough for the flowers to be blooming.


Inheriting a ‘new’, yet established, garden is fun in the springtime… you don’t really know what is planted, and the garden keep popping up with all these lovely surprises!



Another wonderful addition to our backyard, is (finally), patio furniture!


Now, we just need to get a barbeque grill out there :)

Of course, not everyone is happy about all the new goodness on the outside.


Our cats are strictly indoor cats… for their safety and ours (and it really helps to keep them tamer and more kitten-y). They miss the kids when they go out to play! At least this tower, and our wide window sills, allow the cats to watch the fun.


Lynda said...

Looks fantastic.. can't wait until we can sit outdoors again - think I have a bad case of cabin fever (can you say Jack Nicholson in the Shining).

I think I might need to wait awhile - just cleaned the windows downstairs (that dang sunshine shows they haven't been done since 2009)and nearly ended up with frostbite.

I wondering what will come up in my garden too. I know that the front garden (which we are planning to fully dig up) is full of wild strawberries... that should be nice.

Tanya said...

Wow you have bulbs in your garden!! We bought our house in NZ off a gardener who had planted hundreds of bulbs...the first spring was a bit like Christmas with surprise appearances and new colour everyday- very cool. Hope you are feeling better :)

Connie said...

Lynda, I know what you mean, I NEED sunshine or I get all twitchy. One thing that I adore about our new apartment... maybe even more than the garden, seriously, I get to spend more time in the kitchen than outside... are the windows in the kitchen. Last time we had windows in a kitchen was 6 homes and 9 years ago :p Things are still a disaster right now (cookbooks are strewn all over the floor right now, someone ought to do something about that...) but once i get it semi-organized, I'll have to post a photo. My sunny kitchen is a good thing.

Lydia said...

Oh, those flowers are gorgeous! This is the first time we've had a yard/garden & I am itching to get my hands in the dirt! Keep enjoying it!

Nicole said...

Uggghh, I'm sooo jealous of your weather!!! I NEED summer to get here...NOW. I love those flowers too.

I cant wait to start planting!