Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hollywood Day

Wow! We sorta forgot how tiring vacation can be. We are failing the ‘rest and recuperation’ part of it all, but we are having fun! Everyday we drag ourselves out of bed and over to breakfast… this resort complex sprawls over many acres of gardens and a river and it’s lovely to take walks around here… and then we hop a bus to a park. We usually arrive back after having dinner out somewhere and have barely enough energy to plop into bed before we all fall asleep. One of our first stops was Disney’s Hollywood Studios… a theme park all about the making of Disney’s movies.

Some of the shows were very cute… like the Mermaid show, but we all agree that others, like the Narnia show, was nothing more than a very lame commercial for the movie :p  Most was typical good fun Disney stuff though. One of the 1st characters we met were the Army guys from Toy Story… I love those guys in the movie!


We also met a maintenance employee who rescued us from Honor’s runaway ice cream. Apparently the vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating is a notorious mess-maker and it did fall apart in the heat worse than the rest of our goodies. He joked with us and gave us a cloth to clean up. One of the nice thing about these parks are the positive employees… seriously, it really is nice! These guys have to deal with lost, confused, and less-nice-adjective customers all day, in blistering heat and humidity, and yet, we have yet to meet a surly staff member. Speaking of heat… we appreciated all the displays that shot out water at random.


You’d think we should be used to the heat, but this spring in Jordan was incredibly cool and mild, these 90’s were getting now are the hottest we’ve dealt with this year!

Much of the park is about how movies are made and we enjoyed learning about Mushu from Mulan, and the special effects from the Pearl Harbor movie, this photo is from a ride that put us in the middle of an earthquake, firey explosions, and a giant flood!


We LOVED the live action car show!




We also wandered through several places that weren’t exactly what they seemed to be…

San Fran?


New York?


and ,,, we stood in line a lot


but the kids handle it well and enjoyed the rewards


well… it seems we’re off to breakfast and kayaking this morning. We didn’t plan a park for today, but it seems we have still managed a full schedule. More later!

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