Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kayaking on the river

We’re almost out of here, but I’ll probably share a few more posts with photos as I catch up. Here are some that we took of us kayaking at our resort… we really should have allowed a couple more days to simply hang around here and play! We missed fishing, motorboats, there was even a 2 hour pirate excursion for the kids.

Kayaking! Brian was launched first. You should have seen his face.. they put him on the boat, gave him a paddle, shoved him in the water, and then walked off snickering! For a second, Brian, who has never been in a small boat in his life, much less completely in charge of one, was wondering what the heck he was supposed to do, but then he grabbed the paddle and just took off.



Brad was launched next


DSC06372  I had to put the camera away so Honor and I could have our turn, but after we paddled around the little canal for 45 minutes, we returned to the dock and Brian photographed us as we came in to the dock.


Honor was actually a great rowing teammate.


We had a ton of fun!


and it wasn’t scary at all.


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Heather Dray said...

Looks like so much fun!!