Monday, June 20, 2011

Many Hours Later

So, when we arrived at Amman airport in the middle of the night, we found we had a 2 hour delay, because the arriving flight was delayed, right from the get-go. At least we had a comfy seat in a cafe to sit down and keep the kids entertained, and it did make our looooong layover in Frankfurt just a little bit shorter!

We did a lot of plane watching:


Frankfurt also had decent seating available this time… we’ve been through at times where we’ve had to find a quiet corner and camp on the floor, but were able to get to our gate and wait in real chairs. Brian even took a nap. Our travel was smooth, but long. Very long. Fortunately, Lufthansa was, as typical, a very pleasant travel experience. Eventually, we arrived (with luggage!) in Orlando, where it was POURING! Water was coming down by the bucket-load and there was thunder and lightning. It was still hot, but the wet winds was very refreshing after hours breathing stale air… not that we had to go out in to the actual wet stuff. Disney picked us up at the airport and brought us to the resort. It had finished raining before we had to walk over to the building where our room is located. We had a late dinner, and an early night!


This morning we walked over to the main building of the resort and had breakfast. It’s a pretty place.

2011-06-19 10.29.41

2011-06-19 10.30.00

2011-06-19 10.30.26

2011-06-19 10.31.48

We planned to keep this day empty and quiet, and it was nice to relax, go swimming, and do a little planning for the rest of the week. Resort guests get extra hours here and there at certain parks on certain days, and we wanted to organize that a bit. We enjoyed the big pool and water slide during the hot part of the day, then decided to go to Downtown Disney for dinner. Brad got to pick, for father’s day. The kids were tickled to be able to ride the water taxi to the Downtown area.



Our home away from home.


It’s so green and refreshing!



Spanish moss swinging in the breeze.


The ferries cruise the canals and stop off at, or pass by, several of Disney World resorts on the way to Downtown Disney. This is one of the villas of the Wilderness Resort.


And finally, we see the white building housing Cirque de Soleil…


and we’re at Downtown Disney, which is infested by sea monsters,

DSC00203 pirates,


and dinosaurs.


It is also home to many shops and restaurants and we wandered until tired and hungry kids needed feeding. Brad chose T-Rex – which is just like the Rainforest Cafe, but with a prehistoric theme – for dinner. It was pretty good and entertaining too. The dinosaurs were nice, but I especially liked the giant aquariums. DSC00208

After dinner, we did a bit more wandering around, but we were very tired! I think we really needed this day to adjust our inner clocks! Hopefully we’ll be on a US schedule by tomorrow, when we’ll head to a park and get serious about this Disney stuff.

No promises to blog regularly, btw… technically, I’m on vacation :)


SkylersDad said...

It all looks wonderful, I hope you have a great time!

Nomads By Nature said...

Fantastic start to the vacation! Have a wonderful, fun Disney adventure together!

Christine said...

How fun! Enjoy yourselves!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Madam,,i've seen all the pics,,it seems beautiful there,,i'm sure everyone is enjoying,,dont worries about the kitties,,,although till now they are still a bit sad and crying most of the time,,but they will be fine,,Pls give my regards to Sir,,and my hugs and kisses to Brian and Honor,,,take care

Connie said...

Elizabeth - Hi! So nice to hear from you! We are enjoying our leave, and it is very pretty here, but we miss home, and you, and the kitties.. so glad they have you to keep them company! We're having fun and hope to post some more photos soon. It's been very HOT here and every night we are so tired that all we can do is sleep(!).. I'll try to blog more later :) Love from us all, Connie