Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Independence Day!

We had a HOT day. Cousin Rhianna and her husband Russ had to leave in the afternoon to return home (it was so good to see them over the weekend!) and we chose not to go to the fair across the street. It was 100F late into the evening… whew! Besides, after dinner, we had fun watching Kids' Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune in a family competition. How often do we get to do that? We went out to the front yard at sundown and watched the fireworks from the driveway. Brad and Brian walked around the block to watch the show a bit closer, but Honor and I stayed home with her grandparents.

Grandpa had sparklers!!




We enjoyed the fireworks, and we could hear the announcer and music from across the road, but we were comfy at home.


And we had fun with the sparklers that Grandpa gave the kids. The next door neighbors also had a bunch of light-up-bang stuff for us to enjoy.


Then the UFO showed up… o wait… that’s just more fireworks from across the street. 


Honor kept us entertained between volleys.




Eventually the guys wandered back home and joined in the fun.


Brian liked drawing stars with the sparklers



Honor just danced


We set a few things off in the street too. (We did wait for cars to go by first… just saying… )


Sharing the fire


Brian channels Harry Potter


Expecto Patronum!

um… what did he summon? A fire horse?


Let’s see if Honor can do it… she winds up her wand…


Expecto Patronum!

Hmm? What did she get? A Dragon? A Flamingo?

DSC01042  Brad made a heart for me … aww!


Brad and the kids lighting a few more sparklers


More random designs by Brad and Honor


Hope you had fun too!



Daniela Swider said...

Love the sparklers pictures. The star and heart are especially impressive. What camera setting did you use to create them?

Connie said...

Daniela - I have a simple Sony Cubershot point and shoot type camera. I was messing around with the basic setting (no flash) as well as 'Twilight', which is a low light portrait setting that requires a tripod (which I don't have) and the ISO setting, which describes itself as 'shoot without flash in low light reducing blur'... I came up with the best shots using the ISO, especially if the person I was photographing was mostly still, with the sparkler out to the side. I had a couple shots that were either closeups of fire-y shapes because Brian would point the sparkler right at me and that's all the camera saw, or of misc. sparkler shapes with a faint ghost girl running all over the place around it! Fun with digital cameras :)

Nomads By Nature said...

I too am a fan of the sparkler pics! Well done!

Connie said...

We had a lot of fun making them!