Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Since We’ve Been Back…

We’ve been hanging out and not doing all that much since returning home. Well, I have been trying to get us on some sort of schedule and, among other things, get the house slowly back into shape. We sorta missed the whole Spring cleaning time and need to catch up! The closets will not empty themselves of outgrown clothes, old toys do not jump into the charity box, etc. I know that we’re still on vacation, and I’m not torturing the kids with endless chores. On the contrary, we pick one ‘zone’ in each room per day and that’s it. It’s actually going quite well… we might be organized by the time school starts up again. It’s possible.

It has been good to meet up with friends again, although we’ve been slow about getting around. Donna teased me about seeing me twice in one week when she ran into us at breakfast at the club this morning. That’s ok, we’re getting there :)

Out cats have been pleased to have us back and have spent a lot of time snuggled close.




We’re not going to be able to sneak away again without them knowing it! We’re not planning on going anywhere though. The kids might do a bit of summer camp and will get back into their regular activities, taekwondo and piano. Ramadhan is coming up, as is the HOT part of summer. I think we’ll be cruising lazily through the next month or so. I’m sure I’ll find things to blog about. Like today, when I decided to buy a beer for my 10yo. We went to the co-op to do a little shopping, and as we walked up and down the aisles, Honor found items here and there to add to our cart. Apple sauce. Popsicles. Soup. I asked Brian if he wanted anything, and while he commented that it seemed like we were getting a lot of things that Honor liked, he didn’t see anything that he wanted. I even offered him a gatorade. The answer? Nah. So, we got to the beer aisle and I noticed a few bottles of Guinness sitting loose on a shelf. Thinking of Guinness molasses bread, I held one up and asked Brian if he wanted it… knowing that he knew exactly what I was thinking, because he knows, that I know, how much he loves that bread! So, I added the bottle to the cart. We paid and left for home. It didn’t dawn on me, until much later, that any witnesses would not have had any clue about the bread connection. Hmm? Guess it’s good that we shopped early in the day and the store was pretty empty… except all of the staff… I’m just hoping they were busy elsewhere in the store and didn’t notice! 


Rachel said...


Donna said...

Oh, I wish I'd been there to turn you in - hilarious.

As I explained yesterday, I'm still waiting for the old clothes to sort themselves. Hmmm... I wonder who will be more organized by summer's end?

But at least I won't have a delinquent middle schooler. So there's that.

Connie said...

Rachel - it is cute how the cats are trying to catch up on the love they missed while we were gone!

Connie said...

At least he'll be a happily fed delinquent. ... and I'm not worried about you turning me in, I'm pretty sure you'd bust me out later too ;)