Monday, July 4, 2011

Honor’s baby bird - by Honor

Welcome to my guest blogger! Honor, friend of all animals:

While we were visiting family, cousin Rhianna found Chirp Peepers.


We think Chirp is a baby house sparrow because he looks like it.




We bet Peepers fell off a roof and wasn’t going to make it. We fed it bread and milk then cat food with water. She doesn’t have much feathers.


This is when we first got her and we were feeding her milk and bread.


Oh! so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I’ll grip onto this for my life'”  / she was a little scared/DSC00895

Oh,,a blanky so nice!!








sniff. sniff.

dinner time! by Honor


Connie said...

IMPORTANT NOTE: This baby bird was found on a hot sidewalk with another dead baby bird nearby. We looked for a nest and found nothing. Perhaps it was way up on a roof - we don't know - otherwise we would have put it back in the nest. It was too small to fly and was very weak - we honestly thought he was going to die but he's done well and we have been very happy that he is doing so well this evening. We found a website that suggested bread and milk (soggy bread - no liquids!!) as an emergency food, and then I found and contacted a local rehab place that told us about the cat food soaked in water. If we can keep this little one alive through the holiday weekend, we'll be delivering it to the center so it can be raised and returned to the wild.

Donna said...

Honor, a lot of people would have walked right by without trying to help. I'm proud of you for stopping and trying to help the baby bird. Keep us posted on her progress.

Honor said...

I will. The baby bird is still okay this
morning.Thank you.