Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blame the cat?

I would have been blogging and posting more, but the cat ate my computer.


Hmm? Maybe not. She did try to steal my cable though. No excuses. Even though we are home again, we are still on vacation. The kids did a week of day camp and had a great time with that, but mostly we’ve been hanging around the house being lazy. Brian and Honor learned to make some balloon animals while at camp. How cool is this?


Yes, those are Ninja turtles!

Honor has been trying to figure out how many stuffed animals she can sleep with without ending up on the floor.


One or more cats will also end up in the pile with her by night’s end … somehow…


I’ve been doing various crafts, crochet, quilting, etc., including crafts handed to me by the kids. Those ‘Hey mom, please sew/make/repair/etc this’ - type jobs. This is Pixie supervising my sewing of a purse for Honor. I have a tiny little work space (and am grateful I have a dedicated space at that!) and I am often sharing it with one or more cats as I work.


I cut my hair… I got tired of having it all one length, which was convenient and easy to care for, but boring. It’s now in layers and very casual and still easy to deal with and I like it. Honor is also wearing bangs again.


We’ve been doing all sorts of sorting. Spring cleaning and organizing where we’ve emptied closets, toy boxes, cabinets, etc. Basically, I am trying to get a major  overhaul done on the house, little bits at a time so nobody is tortured too much, before school starts up again. Above is a demonstration on how to do filing and paperwork with a cat.


Both kids have been doing a lot of reading. btw.. yes, I do realize that I have more photos of Honor than Brian, but it is Honor who usually hollers “MOM! Ninja is being cute! Come take our picture!” I’d probably get more of Brian too if he hadn’t been spending so much time this summer hanging out in his PJ’s as much as possible. I mean.. it’s a luxury, might as well, right?! But I’m trying not to embarrass my middle schooler :)


Here’s one of him, not in pj’s, having a sword fight with Pumpkin.

We’ve all been doing a lot of lazing about watching dvd’s…


Sometimes undignified, and sometimes in a more cute and cuddly manner.


Sharing grapes is a good thing to do when watching tv together.



We’ve been doing other things, and I’ve cooked some nice dishes that I should, perhaps, have shared recipes for, but it’s summer time and I am holding on to my right to be slightly lazy and laid back. At least for a few more weeks. Hope you all are having a good summer too.


bettyl said...

It's a good thing to be able to relax however you want! I love your hair! And the kid/cat pics are cute as well.

Connie said...

Betty - My hair is fine and straight, it can be so ornery. I HATE to work with it and layers can sometimes require fussing and hair products :p I like to wash and go, and I'm happy with my cut. This one works! btw... We just went through organizing another bookshelf... a kids' shelf, so it wasn't as easy as it might otherwise have been!... it was work, but satisfying. That was our project of the day. The rest will be goofing off!

Rachel said...

cute hair!!!!!

Connie said...

Thank you sweet niece!! :)