Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do I Annoy My Younger Self?

My friend Lydia over at Here, There and Everywhere shared her insightful comments on this article "25 Reasons Your Childhood Self Hates You". She disagreed on a number of things stated in the article, and I often found myself agreeing with her … I’m thinking it’s because we’re both mothers. So, if myself as a child could have a heart to heart with me of today… would she think I turned out ok? Or would she be disappointed?

1} You like going to bed early.

Sometimes, but sometimes ‘early’ means 2am ‘early’ morning. I like having the choice to sleep when I want or need.

2} You could buy the best Nerf Gun on the market right now and you don't

O really? Sure, technically the toys are for the kids, but they share...


3} You enjoy a day at the museum

I do! Especially when we get to go as a family. I think younger me would have loved to see some of the things we have seen. 

4} You have made no effort to go to Disney World

Fail. We did all sorts of Disney this summer and had a blast!

5}You can't remember the last time you played any version of tag

Not only do I remember clearly, I also recently invented running off with the power of being ‘it’… making the kid who tagged me, have to chase me, in order to get tagged and return the ‘it’ power to the game. I never thought of that twist in the rules as a kid.

6} You are getting out of shape

Getting?! My younger self never even imagined being over 40.. hopefully she’ll forgive me.

7} You have spent money on a tie and dress shoes

I’ve had to. Darn social expectations… 

8} You go through the check out line and don't buy candy

That’s because the candy that I like is not usually found in the check out line, you have to go over to the candy aisle or a specialty shop. duh. 

9} You eat your vegetables and you like it

I’ve always loved fresh fruit and veg and my dad’s garden was our ‘snack food’ cabinet. Myself as a kid would likely be very disappointed in the quality of some modern, mass produced fruits and veggies.

10} You listen to NPR

Only if Brad makes me. I can’t stand it when the radio talks to me. I don’t care if what is being talked about is interesting… radio is for music and I’d rather have if off than on a talk show.  

11} You haven't talked to your grade school BFF in years

I have no idea where I’d even FIND any of my grade school classmates, much less BFFs.

12} You don't have a hit single and you aren't touring the world in luxury

I never wanted to have a hit single, and I am touring the world, which is what I wanted… so nothing to be hating about there. 

13} You spend most of your free time with a boyfriend/girlfriend

Yep! My best friend as a little kid was a boy anyway, so my young self wouldn’t be surprised at how easy I get along with my hubby.

14} You smoke everyday

I’m old enough to know better!

15} You lie

Of course.

16} You know how to buy Popsicles and that they are extremely cheap and yet you don't

I didn’t like them then, I don’t like them now. Young me would be impressed with my Cuisinart ice cream freezer though. Tonight’s selection is creamy butter pecan… cake made with fresh figs too. 

17} You can stay out all night every night but choose not to

Like staying up late, I’m now old enough to have the choice to go out or stay in, and my choice is to stay in most nights with the kids and my husband because it’s more fun. Being able to do what I want to do, is what I always wanted.  

18} You didn't make sure there was a basketball court and a video game room when choosing a place to live

We have a garden, a place for the wii, a place for 4 computers and all associated games, a craft area, and so much more. We even let our kids inhabit and invade every single room in the house! Yes, their toys, books and games are often in plain sight! My dad was old school Navy and that would have never been allowed. Former me, and current me, are disappointed with the lack of a BBQ grill though.

19} You haven't played video games long into the night for quite some time

What? Since last night is ‘quite some time’?

20} You like coffee and drink it every day

Yes, I do, and I actually have no memory of when I started drinking coffee… it seems I always liked the stuff.

21} You are not the President, a professional athlete, or the King of the World

King of the world? President? Pfft! Who needs that headache?? 

22} You don't watch cartoons anymore

I don’t purposely watch any TV unless someone else turns it on and puts a dvd in (no cable). As our TV always belonged to my dad when I was young, we watched what he wanted to watch… or went outside to play. Except in the evenings, then mom was in charge and watched her game shows… so, back outside for me. As for cartoons, there are so many nowadays that are worth watching, much improved compared to the junk we had when I was a kid. I’ve enjoyed Samurai Jack, Avatar the Last Air Bender, and those Penguins of Madagascar… my heroes! ;D  


23} You can find enjoyment from classical music

I did as a kid as well, as I can from most music types… except country. I hated that when I was young too. 

24} You are an atheist

I’ve come full circle. Walked away from the fundamentalist stuff my mom wanted me to believe in, and the other variety of my dad’s that he didn’t want to impose on us, I grew past not wanting to believe in anything… boring and unsatisfying…  to being a very happy spiritual pagan humanist non-religious sort of true believer as an adult. I hated church. I love believing and attending ‘life as church’… I wish I could have started out on this path.  

25} You have ordered salad off a menu for dinner.

Salad is awesome stuff. I probably ordered it for dinner more as a child than I have as an adult simply because I haven’t always lived in places where eating random greens is a healthy choice.

Conclusion: I don’t think younger me would hate older me, or be disappointed. I think she’d be jealous!


Emily said...

I would agree. I think my younger self would be very happy with my life.
Have you see the movie "The Kid" with Bruce Willis? One of my favorite parts is, when the kid says to Bruce Willis, "I grew up to be a loser."
I think life is pretty good, and no matter what age you are, it works.

Connie said...

Yes! I think it's about perspective and keeping it positive. Life is pretty good and always a learning adventure. I liked how this meme let me reflect on that a bit. :)