Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Year Ago – piano lessons

The kids have been taking piano lessons now for about one year and are still enjoying the classes very much. We’ve even had a few lessons during the summer, although our R&R, their teacher’s vacation, and now ‘Eid has meant many classes were skipped, but here are some of the songs they are learning now.

One of Brian’s newest assignments:


When I asked Brian to play me a song, I thought he’d pick one he was more familiar with, but he chose this one, a song he was only recently assigned. That was fine with me… I like his serious look of concentration as he’s reading the music :)

Honor played several songs for me, and I chose this one to share as she managed to play along without getting distracted, despite the cats having a smack down behind her on the table!


We have also kept busy these past couple weeks finishing up our (late) spring cleaning. The kids have learned that taking a big job and breaking it into smaller pieces makes the work easier, as is enlisting a buddy to help you out a little. Kitties are excellent at sorting through boxes.


Brian did have to lecture Pixie about finishing her work before playing with the toys she found during clean up (she has a marble under her paw).


I’ve been working on several sewing projects, and cooking.

One cookie recipe I made was this one for very easy, and totally delicious, Ginger Spice Cookies. You probably have everything in your cupboard right now. Go make them, you won’t regret it! Of course, me and my inability to follow a recipe means I added more of the spices than the recipe called for, plus a bit of anis powder, and rather than following their ‘drop a teaspoon of batter onto the wax paper to coat with sugar’, I used my method of rolling a small ball of batter in a bowl of sugar… but do whatever you want. It’s a very flexible recipe and yummy!

I also made these:


We called them ‘Chocolatey Bars of Goodness’ and Honor says they taste just like a (forget the brand name) chocolate chip peanut butter cereal bar that I sent to school snack for her last year. I made this up because I had things in my pantry that were in my way and I didn’t know what else to do with them. Specifically, some cocoa puff type cereal the kids haven’t been eating and a jar of marshmallow fluff. The fluff was something given to me, and I have NEVER used it before. I really had no clue what to do with it! Here’s what I came up with:

Melted 250g butter in a small casserole dish (by microwave)

Stirred in the whole (small) jar of marshmallow fluff

I stirred in 1/2 to 1 cup of creamy peanut butter… I didn’t measure, I just added and stirred until it looked creamy and yummy.

Next I added in 3-4 cups of the cereal. Again, I did not measure. I just stirred in as much as I could until I couldn’t add any more and still coat it with the peanut butter-fluff mixture.

Then it went into the fridge to cool off.

It wasn’t super sweet, like the marshmallow & krispy rice cereal bars. Those are good for about the first 4 bites and then get to be ‘too much’ for us. And while they had the chocolate peanut butter taste of a Reese’s candy, it wasn’t solid and heavy and ‘too much’ in that direction either. Like Honor said, it turned out more like a cereal bar (which makes sense, because it is made with cereal… but it looks more like desert than a cereal!).

We are on a long weekend currently. Blessed ‘Eid to all! School starts next week and I think we are actually ready for it. It’s been a very long, very relaxing summer, but it’s time to get back to a routine!

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