Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The beans may be doomed...

Our bean planting experiment had moved outside because the plants were growing tall and stretching out to the sun. They've been happy out on the balcony for the last few days, but today, winter has arrived. The wind is gusting hard, the temp is currently 48F (which is darn cold for this time of night - 10PM - it will only get colder before the dawn), and it is supposed to continue with the wind, rain and cold all night. Tomorrow the wind gusts are forecast up around 50mph! I can't really move the pot back inside either - I'd worry about the pot leaking on the wood floors, or there being some critters in the pot now that it has been outside for a bit. I did set them, and the other taller plants, off the edge of the wall so they do not get blown down. We'll see how it does come morning!

Looks like we're heading into the coldest night we've has this winter... I bet even the Sphinx is wishing he had a scarf ;-) ! What's with this weather? Did someone lose a bit of their winter?? This doesn't belong here! We've had tons of rain this year. Today had rain and wind. At one point, my two internet weather news sources were both saying 'wind' but one insisted it was raining, the other said 'sand' - it was, what? Mudding?

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