Sunday, January 27, 2008

Diva who has two eyes

Honor sings...

I admit, she was getting to be a bit too much of a drama diva here, but Honor has really been enjoying the songs she learns at school, and she does very well at remembering the words. Well enough to teach me as we drive home after school.. "Ok mom, just echo me..."

She was having fun this evening showing off to Daddy when he got home from work. You can't see in this video, but she was standing on the 'stage' (aka) step-stool that Grandpa and Grandma gave her. Here are a couple of stills:


btw, the cute little ruffley dress she is wearing is a traditional Egyptian outfit- a galebeya - as one Egyptian friend said, "It is pure 'Baladi' (meaning: local, rural, village)." This is what approximately half of the Egyptian women you see (not in these colors exactly, and without the girlish ruffles) wearing. Most other Egyptian women wear 'regular' clothes. One Egyptian lady I know said that she has never in her life worn a galebeya! I just laughed and told her that she ought to give it a try. They are as comfy as PJ's! (Yea, and sometimes are about as stylish as PJ's - but why not?! Other galebeyas can be quite fancy and formal.) Long and sort-sleeves, long dress. Any color will do. They tend to be 100% cotton with embroidery or other decoration. I think they are comfortable for lounging and housework. Brian likes them for sleeping in and for dress-up days at school. Brian doesn't really think of them as 'dresses' - the boys' style are more like long shirts, and he is used to many of the men around here wearing them. I just got the kids matching galebeyas in a dark red snake-skin print! If I can get them dressed in them at the same time I will post a photo - Brian loves red dragons and this particular find was a hit! (and for 15LE, about $3, each - how can I complain?) Honor likes the soft, plain styles for sleeping in, and the rufflely, glittery, sparkly ones for wearing. It is hard to let her wear them to school though because she has a hard time running, climbing and sliding in them. Some friends and I made a trip to a local village this weekend and last week too to buy some galebeyas, tunics, and rugs. It was quite the drive, and I have a bunch of photos to add to my website - when I get time. ...


Christine said...

How cute! Boy, do we miss you guys!

Grams said...

Keep those videos coming!
Could we hear from Brian, too? Maybe reading something from schoolwork.
We had to laugh at his spelling work sentence using the word "boxes". "We have 900000000000000000 boxes at home." Is he giving away secrets? ;-)