Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Science Project

Brian has his first science project due this Thursday and we have managed to get it done in plenty of time. It was actually a rather difficult assignment - not that it was too complex for him, or too difficult for a 2nd grader, rather, there was very little to work with. His assignment was 'Sailboat' ... ok ... sailboat ... well.... what about sailboats?? The papers he had showed some examples of how to make little sailboats, and how to set up a poster board, but that seemed more like arts and crafts than science! The hard part then, was how to turn 'Sailboat' into a 2nd-grade science experiment. BTW, we have learned that most science projects out on the web are for 4th grade on up... we found very little for younger elementary kids. Anyway.... we decided to test the effectiveness of different shapes of sails, and Brian and I had a lot of fun figuring this out together and making up his project:

Proud - and hard-working - scientist!

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