Saturday, June 28, 2008


For my blog friend and fellow crustacean :-) Mama Seoul.

I do not understand much about astrology... numbers and dates...eep! What kind of pagan am I anyway?? Not very mathematical or detail oriented, that's what kind! But I find astrology fascinating because it can be so very accurate. I became a believer after our children were born and brought their personalities into our lives. They fit their sign types so well - it's amazing to me! I may never understand how it all works, but that's ok, it's still interesting.

Here are some good links to play around with:

Evolving Door Astrology. Look for the the definition of your sign and those of your loved ones.

Aries - Traits for the sign of Aries are: pioneering, direct, courageous, fast, enthusiastic, on the move, wilful, flirtatious, youthful.

Capricorn - Traits for the sign of Capricorn are: structured, cautious, responsible, leader/authority, realistic, serious, ambitious, logical.

Guess which one of the two signs above goes with which kid? Brad and I are both Cancer.

Cancer - Traits for the sign of Cancer are: nurturing, intuitive, feeling, caring, heartfelt, protective, family/home oriented.

Now, if you want a really in-depth astrology chart (free- so many others charge) and explanations, try Astrolabe. I think the similarities of these readings, to the real personalities of my loved ones, is striking.

More fun with Chinese horoscopes. Those nifty little placemats in Chinese restaurants that tell you what your Chinese sign is by what you you were born in, may have been fibbing. The Chinese new year doesn't always match up with the western new year, and did you know, you also have a sign for the month, day, and hour as well.

Try this calculator: Chinese Astrology calculator. This just has the year, the animal and aspect, for example, Brian's aspect is Metal, animal is Dragon. Brian actually has 3 dragons in his chart... based on his year, month, day and hour - and yes, it fits him perfectly.

This page has good, basic, definitions too: Chinese Astrology Year Chart.

This website has a calculator for your four pillars. You will need your birth time.

Have fun exploring! :-)

(btw... Brian is Capricorn, Honor is Aries. I bet you guessed correctly.)

Picture credit to: Astrology Weekly

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Cairo Mama said...

Neat stuff. I am a Dragon in the Chinese system.