Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Placating the marauding invaders

Brian and Honor were trying to play Battleground. It's actually a very ingenious little war game set. You arrange your pieces on any flat surface - they usually take over a part of the floor - and use rubberband powered catapults and crossbows to try and knock over your opponents pieces with little plastic missiles before they knock yours down. I am sure there are more complex rules and scenarios for older players, but this is simple enough competition - with cool action - for Brian and Honor.

What makes it hard though, is when they set up on the floor, sometimes the battle is joined by giant-sized, furry forces. The rules do not quite cover who gets a point when your castle is knocked out by a cat. Ramses was determined to play, so they went away from the game and tried to call him off the battle field. Ramses came over to them... but brought in a reinforcement! ah well, it was game over, bed time, anyway.

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