Friday, June 20, 2008

Back off Tooth Fairy!

Brian lost his 3rd tooth yesterday evening. It's been very wiggley and bugging him to no end. I told him if he kept wiggling it, it would come out faster. As he was watching TV after dinner, he kept after that tooth. Eventually, he decided he'd purposely go the route that got tooth #2 out on accident, he aimed for the tooth, and hit himself in the mouth! I kinda saw him do it. Wasn't sure what he was up to. He said "Ow!" and at first seemed a little disappointed, but that instantly turned to excitement when he realized he gotten it. "Mom! I did it!" And then pandemonium ensued as we cleaned him up and his tooth, and then found a little baggy to put it in. He'd said that he'd consider letting the tooth fairy take this one, but he changed his mind! Not sure why he wants them, but I'll go with it and store them in a little keepsake box. Who knows, maybe he wants to save up and put a whole mouthful under his pillow at once. Does the tooth fairy have $20's??

I was less queasy with this one... I tend to be strong-stomached, and I clearly remember pulling my own baby teeth as soon as I could because the loose ones drove me batty. I know it only hurt a second and then, what a relief! But there's something about my boy handing me his bloody teeth that gets me. I've managed ... he's always so excited, so I've been able to enjoy it too. Honor was freaked out this time though. She didn't like the blood and has decided that she does not want her teeth to come out. She quizzed Brian repeatedly, how much does it hurt? How much blood? Why do we have to have our teeth out?

Sorry tooth fairy... maybe next time!

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